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    Akoraun B'xarenef
    Alias: None
    Race/Species: Drow
    Age: 9
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Class/Profession: Uh... child?
    Power Rating: D+
    Description: Akoraun is about 5'3", and very lean. He wears a black hoodie, and ripped jeans. His face is bright, but if anyone threatens him, he is either really frightened, of or very focused. He has green eyes, like his brother, Vierzt.
    Personality: Akoraun is nice and friendly to most everyone, and he doesm't really have very good judgement. Akoraun doesn't really know the concept of friendship or love, though.
    Equipment: A long, serrated knife.
    Abilities: Akoraun has gymnastic training, and can do various flips and jumps. He's an okay fighter, but stealth and acrobatics are more his thing.
    Backstory: Unlike all of the males of the B'xarenef House, Akoraun was raised by T'rissylene for a few years before being abandoned . On his own, Akoraun was out in the forest. He was found by a kindly blind halfling who took him in, and taught him Common.
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