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    Quote Originally Posted by Rainbownaga View Post
    Eldritch retribution seems a little powerful. Quicken Spell-like only allows use eldritch blasts 3/day and only with the weakest essences and shapes, and with this power you can apply your strongest essence and use it whenever you get attacked.And since its a greater essence you're getting it around the same time anyway.

    As a dark evocation I would understand, as a greater it seems too much of a must have; even if it means enemies avoid attacking you it has achieved something substantial.
    There are several very significant differences between Quicken Spell-Like and Eldritch Retribution.

    The most notable is that while Quicken can be used on command on your turn as you desire, Retribution may only be used as a retaliatory effect on an opponent's turn.

    Quicken can also be used with to differing blast shapes, like Eldritch Chain. You can even choose it for a different invocation.

    The biggest thing though, is that in order to gain benefit from Eldritch Retribution, you must suffer from negative effects. If you wish to use it consistently, you must also be damaged and harmed consistently. In short, to maximize your profits from Eldritch Retribution, you must put yourself directly in harm's way and spend the currency of your own hit points, placing yourself into battle in a way that runs directly counter to many of the powers and best tactics for a warlock.

    Also, compare to the Karmic Strike feat. It lets you make an AoO every time you're damaged. Eldritch Retribution does have the advantage of range, but it comes in far later in the game, is targeted at a less tanky class, and requires the more expensive immediate action to use.

    With all this in mind, do you still feel that it is too powerful?
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