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    Quote Originally Posted by Steward View Post
    Hold on, so can an SS leave the class after 10th level without losing all features, or are those two things meant to be separate rules?

    I was about to remove that completely. Sacred something doesn't really get anything to merit level dippers in any case unless their idea of dipping is taking the entire class.

    Cool, but in the alignment section, it says that the SS can be of any alignment, so why is their power source restricted to nonevil alignments? It's not actually a problem (evil characters are comfortable with neutral powers, and in your religion description it says that there can be some crossover alignment-wise), but it seems kind of weird to have that restriction here but not in the entry requirements.

    Ah, yes. I made that before I decided that the Sacred Something would be available for all deities and instead use the collective of divine energy that surrounds them brought on from the many gods of her various partners. I'll fix that.
    I think. I seem to have acknowledged that... I wonder what I was thinking at the time XD. Fixed anyway.

    One other stylistic note; some of the word choice is a little vague and you allude to some stats/ability scores that I don't think are really appropriate under the 3.5 title heading, such as 'stamina' and 'appearance' which don't sound like 3.5 mechanics at all. You also mention something like metaphysical spellshaper but you don't explain what they are or where you would find them in the sourcebooks.
    Stamina was not a statistic. Neither was Vigor or other things. Appearance is a new statistic introduced in the book this class is based off.
    Metaphysical Spellshaper. I have no idea what it is. It was part of the main ability, like I stated this use to be a 5 level prestige class I stretched out. All I abilities except for Special Healing II are almost entirely copied from the prestige.
    I figured the prestige listed it, so it must be somewhat important *Shrug*. So I didn't remove it.

    It's definitely an interesting class; it reminds me of a tricked out Healer, with a more cumbersome yet more powerful healing mechanic that's kept separate from her spell selection. The healing ability is clearly noncombat focused since it takes so long and requires a skill check on top of that but it's a good way to clear off ability damage until Restorations come on line.
    Or saving your spell slots for purely buff or area of effect spells and provide your awesome care when the combat is over. At higher levels, so long as the Sacred Something survives the encounter, your party is fairly immortal. And happy. Very Happy. Unless someone in the party has the Vow of Chastity. He might not be so happy.
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