The class looks good and all...except for one's just too complicated. I just have too much of a tear-jerk reaction to this type of 'pick your abilities' class. They are just so player focused and centric. I know tons and tons of players just love to pick from tons and tons of abilities to make there character unique. And that's fine, except when it comes to this type of class.

See as a DM, you will try and keep track of each character. And most classes are static, so if they are a 4th level Do-Dad, you know what they can do. But this type of class just becomes a record keeping nightmare. "Oh, um what path ability did you pick for 7th level and, um, what ability did you swap out and um, um".

The obvious is why not just make a couple of classes?

Also the 'see ethereal' is a bit odd as you put the burden on the ethereal creature. The sight is automatic right so it works like this?: "Necromancer Player-"I look around the room and see Ethereal Al!'' EA Player-"Er, what? Um, wait! I do that, um, invisibility like thing!" N P-"Ha, well I already know he is there so...." Or are you going for?: DM-"Ok Necromancer Ned walks into the room. Al as your Ethereal, you need to decide if you want to active your invisibility to Ned's Sight." EA player-"My fighter has invisibility?" DM-"No, just become invisible to his Special Sight." Player Ned "Wait, how does he know about my special sight?" DM-"Um...rays shoot out of your eyes and hit him" Ea and NN players "What?" DM-"Um" Ned Player-"Now wait if rays shoot from my eyes and hit him I have to see him, right? So I'd see him before he turned invisible.." DM-"Er,, your special sight is so special that it travels into the future and lets Al know you will be looking at him in a couple seconds and lets him decide if he wants to be seen or not..."