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I thought I would throw out some math for thought (for AC at level 20):

10 + 8 (armor) +5 (armor enhancement) + 15 (natural armor) +4 (magic items) + 2 (shield)* +5 (shield enhancement)* = 41 AC
*for the sake of two weapon fighting this may not be included, but could still be replaced with a myriad of other effects, such as spells

Even at a high bab the first attack (at probably 23-28) you will have to roll at least a 13 assuming a strength modifier of 6. That's not hard to hit, that's I would never fight this guy in melee unless I had touch attacks.

I'm confused at what your trying to say.

Also, 8 base armor and 2 shield could be bothersome to try to get when your only proficient with light and simple weapons.