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    Default Re: The Necromancer [PF] because trying to name it something else is futile.

    Quote Originally Posted by eftexar View Post
    I'm just saying that I still think 15 AC is a bit much. I guess I missed the proficiencies, but that is really just a couple of feats. If I play human and pick up the first level of fighter that's not much of a set back.
    If they spent a good amount of their seven total feats, they earned the boost :/
    Its 15 by 18th level. Lots of things never clever thing at those levels. The abilities of my class aren't that great. Without the healing and defense Witchblood gives them, they'll never stand that well against any normal spellcaster.
    This is, afterall, supposed to be among the ranks of Wizards, Sorcerers, and Clerics. But its more limited in its spell and ability selections, so it gets better default defenses.
    Natural armor is overcome by many things at those levels, as I said before.
    15 I think is the perfect number. Its beneficial enough to not mind how often it could potentially be ignored, but not too high that it would be too hard to hit.

    You said 13 or higher? That is perfectly reasonable, even a bit on the low-end considering you had to throw so much into it.

    All in all I think your just clarifying my intended target with it.

    But I wonder what the balance is on their actual abilities :/
    I tried making a 1st level character, and I question its effectiveness. Probably tier high/mid-3.

    Fun introduction by the way.
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