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    Default Re: The Necromancer [PF] because trying to name it something else is futile.

    I guess I did put a quite of bit into it. I just know I've play a lot of 15 bab characters and I've faced opponents who have that high of an AC. Unless I get really inventive* I can't hit them.
    But I guess the fact it isn't as powerful at spell casting does balance things out a bit. Sorry if I'm being a pain. I can get obnoxious when I start doing math.
    *aka tons of skill tricks and feats from obscure 3rd party books

    Anyways I definitely like the strain mechanic. Though this: "Strain does not stack with normal forms of Non Lethal damage." is confusing. As worded if you had 100 strain and 40 non-lethal damage, you only have 100 strain. Or was this intended.
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