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    Default Re: The Necromancer [PF] because trying to name it something else is futile.

    Quote Originally Posted by NosferatuZodd View Post
    I love this class, but I feel that Formation could be a bit... squickier.

    Maybe an archetype that focuses on formation and gets more fleshy powers?




    If anyone likes, they can make their own Path and have it added to that second post for use.

    Meanwhile I'll think of a horror based flesh and blood (Mostly flesh) Path. Unless someone else can make one, then both can be available. :3

    It might be easier to just make it an Archtype, as you said, and refluff the existing Formation abilities.
    But that sounds lazy.
    I'll do a whole new formation like path that deals more with the mind by inducing fears, horrors, and general disturbing imagery.
    I doubt it can ever be used by a nonevil character.
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