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Thread: Orcish Elder Cannon (Weapon)

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    Default Orcish Elder Cannon (Weapon)

    Elder Cannon

    * Requires a strength score of at least 25 to wield properly, otherwise the item is too heavy.

    The Elder cannon is always considered large size. There are few of them, and hard to make, so creating a custom sized Elder Cannon costs +5,000 per size difference.
    Elder Cannons damage is half fire, and half bludgeoning. It fires hard, semi molten stones that trail about with a stream of fire in its wake.
    Special: All Elder Cannons are intimidating. They give a +5 bonus to your Intimidate skill when wielded.

    The Elder Cannon has three modes of fire:
    Single Shot: As a normal weapon, it fires one blast when triggered.
    Cone: A cone like emanation. Deals damage to all in the area, 60ft long to 30ft wide. Rather then bludgeoning, this does slashing.
    Line: A pure beam, a line of fire. Rather then bludgeoning, this does piercing. The line itself is 120ft. It knocks back targets by 10ft if they take damage, and the weapon flies out of your hands, moving with a 60ft fly speed in as straight a line as it can. If you have a firm grip on the weapon, you can loosely control it and you gain the fly speed at clumsy maneuverability. There is no way to safely land the weapon built in however, and in a crash should the weapon sustain damage enough to break it, it explodes in a 60ft burst dealing 15d12 fire and pressure damage to all in the area.
    A strength check DC 30 can plant your feet firmly in the ground, assuming there is anything behind you such as a boulder to brace yourself against, and hold the weapon in place as it deals its line of damage.

    For an extra 1,000gp, a parachute can be added to the weapon.

    The Elder Cannon is a long, heavy, metal tube with fins, handles, a trigger, and one flared end behind the item.
    The inside of the cylinder seems to be constantly burning with hellish flames when active, it automatically roars to life when those with hostile intentions are present. Either because the owner intends to use it or enemies are within 250ft.
    When inactive, it appears to be a hollow tube with many small spikes inside it at odd ends, each of the spikes are engraved with runes binding elementals of earth and fire. Just passed the center, nearer to the rear, is a ring supported by what looks like four carved fists holding the ring in place. The ring, also lined with runes, opens a gate to a wild plane of absolute chaos that when opened causes the chaotic force to violently explode out of the gate, picking up power from the elemental spikes inside.

    More Dakka:
    For every 1,000 gold you spend after the initial price, increasing by +500gp every time thereafter, you can fire a second attack rapidly after the last. Each shot uses the same base attack as the first shot had, -1 per shot. These rapid shots all count as one attack should you be allowed more then one a around. Such as a fighter's full BAB at 20th level letting you make four attacks a around.

    Extra Dakka:
    A Large creature can wield two Elder Cannons at once, one in each arm. The wielder takes a -5 penalty to both, but benefits from two weapon fighting feats. The Large creature can use them both at once.
    Extra and More Dakka stack.
    Two Elder Cannons with a More Dakka rating of +5, meaning its 5,000gp more then the base price, would fire twelve shots per attack. Six from both.

    I had to make something with that picture... So don't expect this to be that wonderful XD It took me barely two minutes.
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