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    Default Re: The Necromancer [PF] because trying to name it something else is futile.

    A few nitpicks with Formation:

    Skeletal Manipulation:
    You animate the dead into simple Zombies or Skeletons as long as they remain within Cha mod x 100 ft of you. You can animate Charisma modifier worth of skeletons with one casting.
    Overstrain: For every ten extra points of Overstrain, You the skeletons and zombies you animate are persistent from lingering effects of your force on them. They don't die until -10 HP and have Regeneration Fast Healing 1 due to the regathering of bone particles.
    Regeneration makes you take non-lethal from anything other than Fire and Acid, and you heal extra points per hour. Fast Healing means you heal the number per round, at the beginning of your turn. I think you want the second.

    This repeats in a number of powers where you list Regeneration.

    Why is the Immediate Save or Die at 11, with a Save or Die in 1d4 days at 13?
    The DCs are the same (10+1/2 Caster Level+Cha) so there's no reason to have the lesser effect at the higher level.

    Bone Armor- You have it saying it gives the AC Bonus of full plate, then list AC bonus +6. Full plate grants +9 in Pathfinder. I assume you mean it has the same Armor Check Penalty (and Max Dex) of Full Plate? With a +6 Armor bonus? (+12 if doubled)
    Detonate Bone:
    You cause bone to detonate. It deals 1d8 damage per size category larger then fine it is, + Cha mod = die. (+5 cha mod detonating a Medium size skeleton frame or singular chunk of bone would deal nine d8 damage) To all within Cha mod x5 ft from the origin (Reflex save for half) If used on a living creatures skeletal system, they are instantly slain if they fail a fortitude save DC= 10+1/2 class levels + charisma modifier. If the succeed, detonation does not occur. They instead take half the usual detonation damage.
    Overstrain: for each additional point of strain, you add 1d8.
    This is a capstone, granted at 19, when Wizards and Sorcerors and any other full caster has had 9th level spells for a while.
    I suggest it be a "No save, just die" with spell resistance applying (And a save for those in the radius to take half). Creatures immune to critical hits are immune to the instant death, but take the explosion damage with no save. Creatures immune to Death Effects, but who still posess a skeletal structure, are instead Destroyed.

    Finally, you've got the Teleportation effect at level 17! With distance equal to Cha Mod * 10, which is the shortest distance for a teleportation effect in the game.
    (No, really)
    It's listed as a move action, which makes some of the sense, but Quickened Teleport is a lv 9 equivalent spell (Same level) and goes much, much farther.
    Also, there's no listed target or save. I can't tell if this is Personal, Single Target, Any number of targets, etc.
    I could see a 9th level teleportation effect moving someone Cha Mod *10 feet with no save. Maybe even with no SR, seeing as simply moving them is highly unlikely to kill them. (If the destination point needs to be visable anyhow. If you could port them underground then a save would be appropriate)


    I stopped reading when I hit Antiward, and skimmed over the later versions.

    Roll a D20 and get an 11 or higher to aid an ally? which goes up 'till it's impossible to do so?
    I could see a caster level check, or a will save (as say, Sanctuary), or even force the target to save against beneficial magic (Like the barbarian rage variant) but to just leave it to a flat D20?
    At level *1*??
    And it upgrades for free.
    This is simply broken. Make it a will save, either for the target or for the person attempting to aid him.
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