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The default for Regeneration is Fire and Acid.
I don't think I've ever seen Regeneration stated as bypassed by anything else, although it would be interesting to see regeneration bypassed by Cold.
(You know, 'cuz that would make sense)
War troll's regeneration is only bypassed by acid. Solar and Planetar's regeneration is bypassed by evil-aligned weapons and spells. Atropal's is only bypassed by damage from good or sentient weapons. Dream Larva's regeneration in only bypassed by good or lawful or weapons forged by a sleep walking blacksmith.

And I wouldn't assume that regeneration by default is only bypassed by acid and fire because mostly it's just trolls that work that way.

Her use of "Necromancer" here is for lack of a better term. There's actually no "Real" undead involved (they count as constructs)
see thread title.
And actually necromancy doesn't just involve undeath, it involves the control over life and death. If you look at the necromancy school of magic you notice that there are many spells that don't raise undead, a lot of them kill people, affect their physical health or drain health and transfer it to someone else.