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    Lenny R. Oast

    Lenny avatar by Mathias2207 (thanks brah)

    Alias: None

    Gender: Male

    Race: Elf

    Age: 22

    Alignment: Somewhat Chaotic Evil

    Class: Fire Mage

    Power Ranking: 8

    Description: Lenny is very tall, and well fit. He has short, coal-black hair and a large scar across his right cheek. He walks around in a red t-shirt and jeans.

    Personality: Lenny is a jerk to anyone he doesn't respect (which is pretty much everyone) and doesn't care about anyone's feelings. He says what he wants, and does what he wants. Basically, he's just an *******.

    Equipment: He has firecrackers, B-B-Q sauce, and most notably he almost always carries around a large chunk of meat he eats all day.

    Backstory: Lenny is Hoffy's older brother. Growing up together, the two were constant rivals. Lenny was stronger, faster, more talented, and 5 years older than Hoffy. Even so, Hoffy was way smarter than him and always ended up winning the fights they always had somehow. Lenny had a strong gift with the element of fire, so his parents sent him away to a special school for gifted children around the time Hoffy was banished. He used his incredible gift to use and take advantage of the other students. After graduating the top of his class, Lenny returned home. One day, he overheard the village elders saying Hoffy is much more serious threat, and banishment was too soft of a punishment. Lenny personally volunteered to bring Hoffy back for further punishment. He's been chasing him across the world ever since. Failing to catch him time and time again, he now spends most of his time using people and various criminal activities.

    After both kids were gone, Lenny's parents started a potion shop. It eventually grew and became the number one shop in the business, making his parents one of the most richest in Nexus. His parents were murdered one day, leaving all the cash to Lenny making him filthy rich. No one knows who murdered them. Some evidence points to Lenny, but not enough to tie him to the crime.
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