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    Gelley 792

    Pronounced Jell-ay

    Alias: Divebomb

    Gender: Female

    Race/Species: Cyborg Human

    Age: Younger than her sisters Fettina and Naitiri.

    Alignment: No thanks.

    Class/Profession: Varies every few months or so. Currently, superheroine.

    Power Rating: Probably a solid B.

    Description: Standing here is a short, stocky, vivacious young lady, her skin dark and her eyes bright. When I say stocky, I mean the basic definition: she's of a broad, sturdy build. She's possessed of long, thick, dark hair, like a series of smooth electrical cords that actually spark and flash. They're close to dreadlocks, actually - a very large set of dreadlocks. She typically wears fashionable, somewhat revealing clothes.

    On to her alter ego's outfit. It seems to be armor, at first glance - steel plates overlapping all down her front and back, then dangling in a metal 'waistcloth' between her hips. Her legs follow suit, with armor on two sides, but it all seems to be merely cosmetic. Her flanks are entirely naked. Purple tattoos, elaborate circles building up to fantastic structures, are inked into her blue skin there.

    Gelley's visor, much like her armor, only covers half of her face. The visor itself consists of a slim blue line, made of glass, and a metal frame that encircles her head. Where the visor covers her forehead, an emblem of a burning blue rocket is embedded.

    Equipment: When out and about in citizen clothing? Rather little. Gelley typically carries a purse with her, which contains little to no make-up material (augs are there for a reason), a little bag of trail mix, her phone, a very broad-toothed comb, a thick 'scrunchy' for her hair, and a few other minor items.

    When out saving people, she has little beyond her 'armor'.

    Abilities: Self-propelled rocket jumps and near flight are the most prominent ones. The armor Gelley wears isn't purely cosmetic - it attaches to her body and the ridges fold different directions, allowing for controlled bursts of heat to propel herself through the air. She possesses near invulnerability due to a tight-range forcefield and regenerative properties for her mostly artificial skin. Her muscles and joints are reinforced enough to withstand several thousand pounds of lifted material, so she's also quite strong.

    Perhaps other cybernetic powers. Her visor has an extensive scanning system, for blood, heat, motion, and other things.

    Backstory: Gelley came from a rich and powerful family, especially given the post-apocalyptic setting of their world. Her parents - a doctor and a drunk only ever had three children, all girls. Gelley was always a curious and excitable child, and so she became as an adult.

    Due to a lack of attention from her parents, Gelley leaned heavily on her sisters, more heavily than either of them. However, unlike the younger Fettina, she outgrew that need for attention and dependence on others. With a combination of differing opinions and some very bad habits on Tina's part, the rift between them grew until they were hardly speaking.

    Gelley set to travelling, exploring the many options for her career. Zoologist, biologist, explorer, adventurer, boxer, and a two dozen others. When she got a vid-message from Tina - something about a 'Nexus' - Gelley became intrigued. She'd been looking for a more free, vigilante-tolerant city to take her latest shot at greatness. She wants to be a hero. A champion of good and a beacon of power. With some of the most dangerous, expensive human augmentations available to the public, and some less than legal cybernetics, Gelley has become Divebomb. At least, that is the working title.
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