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    Default Re: [3.5] Slightly-Homebrewed, Steampunk-y mercenary camp! (ECL 1 to 13)[WIP, PEACH]

    The steam golem should explode when you kill it, when all the pent up steam comes out, something like a fireball effect, but with steam instead of fire.

    Alternatly, it could release toxic gases that normally stay in the machine, something like a CloudKill spell.

    The Complete mage has some invocations you might want to look at for Pythagoras. Especialy Otherworldy Whispers (+6 to Knowledge Arcana, Religion, and the Planes)

    Scorching Soldiers could have 1d6 melee attacks, it would make sense, since they probably train in hand to hand (or glove to glove, whatever)

    Is there a reason why they all have chain shirts? most of them don't have a high enough Dexterity score to take a penalty from Medium armor. Most of them look like they are wearing full chainmail in the pictures, or even a breastplate for the lightning lieutinent.
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