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This class seems very cool and flavorful, but unplayable. If you use your main class feature even for one round you fall unconscious for a week. I know that such a strong feature should have a drawback, but... it seems extreme. I don't know enough about balance to make a suggestion, though.

Also, there's no capstone at the moment. Such a flavorful class could have a totally awesome capstone.

EDIT: Right, balance, tier Cipher.
Well. thanks I 'spose.

Capstone en route.

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Hmmm, I feel like something is missing, but I can't quite put my finger on it...

What are the sources for the picture out of the spoiler and the first one in the spoiler, btw? I know Excalibur and recognize Black Rock Shooter (ftw), but not those two and the first pic is especially awesome. Would like to know the artist, if possible.
I haven't the foggiest.

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This class is underpowered, you dont have a good base attack bonus progression for a class that only do 1 trick, fight with a big sword. You can't do much with this class, few defense that help, but I honnestly fail to see how can someone like this can survive until level 2... They can't match any true deity only minor deity and demi-god should fear high level godblade so overall, I think that class need more oomph
:3 Then with that in mind I'll be finishing it.

This was another one of those rushed things. I was only halfway through the mechanics before I needed to rush the rest out, then slap on the fluff before I was pushed out the door for the parties of which my attendance was mandatory.

I'll resume work, look it over, tweak, add, snip, cut, jury-rig or what'ave you.