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    Quote Originally Posted by Ziegander View Post
    I hope you'll forgive my intrusion, but I was inspired and could not help myself. I can't think of a good name for my derivative work, but here's the class I came up with based on yours.
    Its a twinge hurtful (Namely because you appear amused to do so and state "My turn") and such things would be best as suggested alternate class features or a request, but I understand the impulse. I've felt the desire as well going through some hombrew though I keep from doing so.
    Still, its nicer then making a new thread for it and in this case I do not deny the idea of a lesser Godsblade for use in more typical campaigns.
    I'll swallow my tongue and make a few edits (Simply naming it Godsblade as well instead of "Class name"), then include yours below the original, which was intended only for certain types of games and not really general play but your... alternative could be used in most games.

    But before I do I feel compelled to simply state that my Godsblade could kill your Godsblade >.>
    Childish statement aside, I'll add yours to the OP and make it more official.

    I do like your recreation however. If denied my full Godsblade or it wouldn't suit the campaign type, I'd likely asked for the more generally usable version you presented.
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