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    Quote Originally Posted by Ziegander View Post
    Well, I'm glad you like it. I added spellcasting to it to offer it some much needed variety and utility.
    And its nice, I might even go back and add some spellcasting or perhaps Invocations might be more appropriate (Like my Eternal Knight), to my own.

    My own was inspired by Naru, from the anime Ghost Hunt. (One of the few anime I've ever rewatched, fewer still one of the few I've rewatched more then once. I believe I've watched it 4 times. Only Ouran Highschool Host Club surpasses it, which I believe I've watched 6 times).

    Generally, the Godsblade will appear smart. She'd be talented with skills (8skill points, any ten class skills), but would otherwise be fairly unassuming.

    But when the time comes, the Godsblade can unveil her devastating weapon. But it strains the wielder, who suffers her painful repercussions for unleashing the "Godsblade".

    Like Naru. Naru seemed only like some prick who was overly self confident and had no supernatural ability of his own until he showed a god who was boss- but then spent ages recovering from his display of power.

    So there is my reasoning for the crippling side effect of the overpowered Godsblade ability.
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