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Eeegghhh.... I should've been more clear. I would LOVE to play a class with flavor like this, but being practically unable to use their best feature is a bummer. I also like getting Divine Rank 0. In a campaign I'm making I plan on having it end with players getting Divine Rank 0.
Its fairly difficult to die from it, and it is a sufficient weakness. For a time, your dealing a very large amount of damage. Generally, one whack of your Godsblade will kill nearly anything your level (Or a few higher) or less.

I mean, at level 2 can you think of anyone/thing that you'd reasonably face that would be able to take a 5d6 assault? On average, they'd only have 2d6 + 0-10(at best).
The exception would be a constitution pumped Barbarian with 2d12 and + like 10. And definitely a Wizard with 2d4 hp + very little, or even a negative number.

At level 20 you'd have four attacks in a full attack, each doing 50d6 damage (And thats just at base. perhaps you manage to get extra attacks in a round, and then whatever extra damages you can pull outa your hat).

Generally, a Godsblade character will be a party's own personal tac-nuke, held in reserve and protected until such a time as her unique talents are needed such as in an instance in which the chances are very grim and the party is failing, or against that bbeg.
Then, it isn't especially overpowered as the DM can find alternative ways to work around it (hopefully without completely crapping in its face, because that would be very unsportsmanlike)

Its a very nonstandard play style unlike the Caster, the Blaster, the Skillmonkey, or the Tank. Even different then that of the Striker. So here's my new Role: The Failsafe.

Perhaps I could lessen the Comatose period to Days instead of Weeks. Would that be preferable and retain a level of balance?