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Thinking of the roles as a matter of pure logic, I'd have to say that the Failsafe role makes perfect sense. Your party expends resources trying to keep and protect someone of generally substandard skill in return for the ability to fight back with far greater chances of success if you find yourself in trouble.

When you factor in the human element of the players, however, things seem to get a bit messy. Here you have a character who spends most of the time as nothing more than a glorified skill monkey who still travels around with you (mooching gp and xp). In return for him/her doing nothing, this character may go into godmode, making your presence worthless and just reversing the problem.

From the perspective of the godsblade player him/herself, things get even worse. While kicking everybody's rears in a divine fury is awesome, I think that the majority of players out there would find the prospect of doing nothing most of the time to be a bit boring and taxing.

Furthermore, there is the horrifying problem of knowing when to go berserk. If you go berserk in a challenging battle, you often don't have any guarantee that you're facing off against the final or hardest battle to come. Imagine the plausible scenario, for example, of raising your godsblade to assail the BBEG and instantly seeing via know foe that you doomed yourself to a week (or several days, if altered) of inaction to face against a doppelganger or illusion. Any form of misdirection like that simply kills the class (imagine the problems of "going nova" x 1,000).

At the same time, however, using your godsblade as a final resort is equally dangerous for everyone involved. Even though it's likely to eliminate the threat, it will inevitably bring down an additional party member (yourself). If you're the only one still standing when you use your godsblade, there will be nobody left to carry your party to safety when the smoke clears. While your DR would protect yourself fairly well, even a giant ant or kobold would be able to take out everyone else while you snooze.

All are problems that the Godsblade has to deal with, just like a Wizard deals with preparing her spells and dealing with material components, or problems that a good roleplaying and/or crafty DM can workaround.

I'd love to play a Godsblade to play it out for myself how the character determines when to "go nova", what she does when she isn't nova, and how she helps the team on a regular basis without her godsblade.
Then, how she is simply a Failsafe element to turn the tides of a battle and not an overwhelming force that renders the rest of the party redundant (I don't think it does. Unless the rest of the party is nothing but Fighters or something).

In fact, perhaps someone else wants to and let me know how it turns out. (Preferably someone who is an excellent roleplayer in an excellent group with a fine DM, not a Munchkin either...)
I'm kinda stuck up on games at the moment, but I'll get around to testing it myself sooner or later. I quite love this class'o mine.