I'll just go over it and write down whta comes to mind as I go along, if that's alright.

Scorching Soldier: Can you still hold something in a hand that has the glove? Additionally, does one fire damage to every melee attack mean that it also adds the fire based damage to a weapon you hold? How about a weapon you hold in the other hand? Strictly by text, it would. You might wish to change it to "An unarmed melee attack made with the glove". Is the scorch still a magical attack? Would spell resistance help?

Gas masks: stat them up separately, maybe, to make clear that everyone has them? Also, I think it would be cool if these added a bonus on saves against all gas based attacks and inhaled poisons.

A bit more fluff on the whole would be quite nice.

Also, if I might make a suggestion: these look like they would have unique armour, not just the standard kind. If they are whole body suits, how about any of the following:

-Bonus against gas attacks
-Acid resistance
-Ability to breathe underwater for a short while
-Bonus and/or penalty against hot/cold climate