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    Class Features

    Spelllcasting: Wu Jen get their own specialised list, with more than two dozen unique spells in total (see Spells sections).

    Sidebar: What is a Spirit?

    The Wu Jen has exclusive access to two unique spells lines, the commune with Spirit line and the Spirit Binding line. 'Spirit' is a very ill-defined term in D&D 3.5e. The list in Complete Divine identifies every single creature defined as a spirit as of it's printing. The following creatures count as spirits for the purposes of Wu Jen.
    • All incorporeal undead
    • All creatures of the Fey type
    • All elementals
    • Creatures in astral form or with astral bodies (but not creatures physically present on the Astral plane)
    • Spirit creatures created by spells such as dream sight or wood wose
    • Spirit folk and telthors (UE)

    It also includes all creatures named as [spirit] creatures in Oriental Adventures. In addition, it also has a clause about creatures identified as carrying the [spirit] subtype from the Monster Manual. They are as follows:
    • Celestial (Astral Deva)
    • Dragon Turtle
    • Nagas (all)
    • Ogre Mage
    • Rakshasa
    • Vargouille
    • Myrlochar

    Watchful Spirit: Rerolling initiative is never a bad thing, especially without access to the wizardís I-Win buttons for initiative (Nerveskitter, Celerity).

    Bonus Metamagic Feat: You get any metamagic feat for which you qualify for at first level. Free feats are free feats, and many good spellcasting prestige classes have metamagic feat prerequisites.

    Spell Secrets: One of the titular Wu Jen abilities. You may choose for any spell you know to be altered by one of the following metamagic feats permanently: Enlarge Spell, Extend Spell, Silent Spell or Still Spell. Note that the level of the spell remains unchanged.

    Sidebar: Wu Jen Taboos

    Complete Arcane presents a small list of sample taboos for your Wu Jen to take. Here are some more additional taboos;
    • Must make a ritual thanks after each battle
    • May not show their ankles
    • To be continued

    Elemental Mastery: You get a +2 on CL when you cast a spell from your chosen elemental group (one of Earth, Fire, Metal, Water or Wood). You also get a +2 bonus on any saving throw versus your chosen group, on the off chance that your DM throws a Wu Jen at you. Wu Jen also know a number of spells that fall under all groups, and you get this bonus on these spells, regardless of your chosen mastery.

    Sidebar: Which Elemental Group should I choose to master?

    Your choice of Elemental Group mastery isn't actually as essential as the book makes it sound. Effectively, you're getting a free Spell Penetration feat, slightly extended spell durations, and some bonus damage with spells of your selected group.

    Bonus: Dead Levels II
    The Dead Levels series over at WotC adds a few new features to Wu Jen;

    Intuitive Spirit: At 2nd level, you can choose one Knowledge skill. Once per day, when making a skill check with this Knowledge skill, a wu jen can reroll their skill check before any information is disclosed. The wu jen takes the better of the two rolls. At 4th level, this reroll can also be used to decipher or identify anything with a Spellcraft check, but not learn or prepare spells. At 5th level, this reroll can also be used to avoid distraction from nonmagical motion or weather with a Concentration check, but not from damage or grappling.

    Elemental Bond (Ex): Starting at 7th level, a wu jen can recognize the material, somatic, and verbal component of any spell from their elemental mastery list (including spells that are designated as "all"). The wu jen gains a +1 bonus on Spellcraft checks to identify these spells being cast by another creature. See Spellcraft on pg. 82 of the Player's Handbook. This bonus increases by +1 at 8th, 10th, 11th, 13th, 14th, 16th, 17th, 19th, and 20th level.
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    The Power of the Orient: A Wu Jen Handbook

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