T'ralss Várn

Alias: The Drowlord, Fireblade, Daggers

Gender: Male

Race: Half drow/quarter demon/quarter elf

Age: Equivalent in human: 37

Alignment: If it gives me followers, power, or money, yes.

Class: Warlord/Arcane Fighter

Rank: C.

Description: This drow is thin, almost lanky, but very wiry. His eyes, glowing green in color, are almost dodgy most of the time. He tends on the side of paranoia, but he is rather charismatic. He likes impressing people with his skill. A quirk of his advanced mind is that he enjoys any kind of competitive games that rely on tactics. His skin is pure black, a sure sign of drow nobility where he comes from. He wears a typical leather suit of armor, with a hidden suit of chain-and-plate mail underneath. His neck is encircled by a silverlike torc with a spider and runes on it.

Personality: Somewhat aloof, but very charming if he wants to be. A little sinister, but that must just be because he's a drow. He has an aura of competence. He, to his rare real friends, is fanatically loyal. He also enjoys spicy food and good drink a bit overmuch.

Equipment: A suit of fiend-forged armor, thirteen daggers stashed various places in his clothing, a thin but strong sawtoothed scimitar with demonic traits, and a torc that allows him to cast webs at people.

Backstory: In a world like Faerun, the drow were the ultimate warriors. They rose from the Underdark and slew the surface peoples and enslaved them. He was a minor noble, of the once-favored house Várn, the former drow royalty that were deposed for being kind to the surface-dwellers. He had a few followers, very loyal to him. Nobody expected much from a kid genius.
He rose in a bloody war that made frequent use of smear tactics, hit and run and martyrage, destroying the houses of nobility one by one with ruthlessness. He hated how they gloated over intelligent, suffering beings.
The last house was ten times as powerful as his, and his house was destroyed. He escaped into a mysterious rift to try and rebuild a resistance to the drow empire, and to free all the other races. And found himself in the Nexus.