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    The Vorimr

    The Vorimr are a race of tall beings that hail from the far reaches of the outer planes. They are investigators and travelers who's collective goal its to map the entirety of existence. Every plane, every world, every realm. The Vorimr travel, man, catalog, and record.
    They are known as the secret-keepers and knowledge-seekers, several races hunt them for things they know, others come to them demanding knowledge. They never give in, they use their knowledge aggressively when repelling such demands, using their secrets and information on their species to overcome them. Otherwise, the Vorimr are very peaceful.
    The Vorimr almost always accommodate those who are respectful of them and go about requesting information reverently, as opposed to demanding or outright searching for the knowledge for unsavory reasons...

    Personality: Vorimr are very relaxed and peaceful. They are always in a state of being similar to an old monk. They are almost never seen angry or vengeful, they are always considerate and are willing to help any who ask or help on their own accord if it really looks like they need it. Otherwise, people don't always want their help so they make sure they don't mind before helping anyone, as they don't want to cause problems or inconvenience anyone. They can talk to anyone if they talk first, loving conversation and learning about the lives of others. They love hearing and telling stories of exploration and adventure, and occasionally of order overcoming chaos. A Vorimr is incredibly patient by nature, and can sit for hours doing nothing- especially if its to sit and just listen to someones adventures.
    They collect books, and always stock up on writing tools and paper to write and draw their own recordings.
    Vorimr almost unfailingly keep a journal in which they detail their days, in addition to their recordbooks in which they make notes on new things, and draw maps of new places.

    Physical Description: Vorimr are very tall beings with pinkish skin similar to a human's own. They have very kind and knowing eyes that once you get to know them are comforting and tend to make people feel safe and secure, and reassuring them that like all Vorimr they can keep a secret and stand by your side in friendship when you need it.
    But as good as their inner appearance is, their outer appearance reflects the opposite. Vorimr have bony, warped appearances akin to the undead with a monstrous skeletal face and a mouth of sharp teeth, from which some protrude along the sides and front. Their head is somewhat long and alien in shape and their fingers, bony like the rest, are long and seem to have especially rounded joints. Their necks are longer then a humans, and they have indents where they should have ears and depressions about their frame. Their head has spikes that vary from Vorimr to Vorimr, and most appalling is the hole where a human would have a nose, similar in appearance to the flesh-less nose of a skull, yet the Vorimr's is all fleshy and just as pink as the rest of them.
    But if you look past the strangeness of them, if you get to know them, these features seem to change. Where once was a grotesque maw can be seen a gentle smile, where once strange cheekbones may have seem aberrant now seems to show the hearty cheeks of a kind soul who laughs and enjoys friendship. Their long arms and capable reach, even their long neck, with their warm flesh becomes the perfect embrace to comfort your sorrows.

    Alignment: Vorimr are almost exclusively lawful neutral. They value order in the world and are exceptionally caring and considerate when it comes to life. The Vorimr would never intentionally harm anyone unprovoked, and would never seek the destruction where redemption is possible. It is the desire of the Vorimr to unite all life under one banner in the sanctity of peace. All Vorimr are deeply troubled by strife and genuinely care when life is lost from the smallest of animals to the largest of creatures.

    Land: Vorimr have their own homeland on their distant homeplane. Their cities are crystalline and peaceful, large and orderly. They live in a world without money, where each trusts another and supports the other, services are provided for services and care for care. They themselves do not have their own defenses but the land itself is akin to a Psicrystal of planetary size. It stores information imputed into it from returning Vorimr and itself is vastly intelligent and serves as both their land and their god. Its name is Variline and can manifest itself as a humanoid female to communicate in person with its people. It garners incredible power from its own psionics and its divinity accentuates and magnifies this to great heights. It is comparable to an overdeity, but it cares for all life as opposed to the general notion that overdeities are heartless beings who care little for mortal life.
    Variline can alter its surface at will, and generate more crystal at speeds enough to form lances and spires larger then our sun at near instant speeds, capable of shattering planetary objects or meteorites before collision and destroy most threats with little effort. However, against true threats it can manifest its own immense psionic power to smite them down with powers scaled up to incredible heights.

    Religion: All Vorimr do not so much worship, so much as know, respect, and love their creator, benefactor, and friend Variline- a powerful psionic deity of great influence. Variline would do anything for her children, the Vorimr, but is bound by the same rules other deities are and can do little to help them when they leave her to venture out in their explorations. When they are on her, as she is a psicrystal many many times larger then our earth, she can defend them with all her power. When a Vorimr dies, their consciousness is taken and merges with Variline and can wait to be reborn.
    Vorimr do not actually have religious laws or doctrine so much as they have history. What "laws" they would have are already deeply ingrained in their race and personalities.

    Language: Vorimr speak Veanisune, a language composed primarily of feeling and emotion that only psionic creatures or creatures with psionic levels can learn. These impressions are released outwardly similarly to sound waves being released when you normally talk. Certain sounds are also used to emphasize things or used like we would use punctuation in writing.
    Their written language looks something like boxes that build spiral squarely out from a center and end in a similar manner to how we end paragraphs. These blocks of text can be mistaken for single characters at a first glance of someone unfamiliar with the language or unskilled in Decipher Script. But within these text blocks are many characters that are about as complected as Japanese is, even a touch more so, but the Vorimr use short, small and straight lines instead of smooth curves.

    Adventures: Vorimr adventure very often. Almost every Vorimr leaves Variline to venture out and explore. Their primary motive in general is to help bring peace to the universe when they can and to record their journey as they go. They desire to map all of existence, so nearly every Vorimr draws maps as they go. They also keep personal journals in which the writings of great adventure are very desirable, as these journals are read in their death ceremonies in reverence and respect for the lost brother or sister.

    Aberration [Extraplanar] [Native]
    +4 Wis, +2 Cha
    . Vorimr are wise, and though very charismatic at heart are rather hard to look at at first, thus they have less charisma then they would have due to a drop from appearance. If you use the BoEF's appearance rules, Vorimr have +4 Charisma and -4 Appearance.
    Medium size. Vorimr do not have benefits or penalties due to size.
    30ft speed
    Psicrystal (Psi): All Vorimr have a Psicrystal, a shard of Variline herself. They can use this psicrystal to store information and to generate small pocket dimensions in which they can store items like a bag of holding with a size equal to 1/4th its HD or character level.
    This Psicrystal uses the Vorimr's HD or character level as a Psion level for determining the Psicrystal's capability. Even if you do not use Psionic rules, they still have this Psicrystal as a standalone item. If you do use psionic rules, the Vorimr counts as a Psionic creature with 6 bonus power points.
    Skill Bonuses: +4 Autohypnosis, +2 Diplomacy, +2 Handle Animal, +2 Knowledge (Geography, Psionics (Or arcana) and Planes)
    Automatic Languages: Common, Veanisune
    Bonus Languages: Any
    Favored Class: Wilder, Sorcerer, Favored Soul
    Level Adjustment: +1

    Random Starting Ages

    Aging Effects
    {table=head]Adulthood | Middle Age | Old Age | Venerable | Maximum Age
    150 | 350 | 750 | 1550 | 2000 [/table]

    Random Height and Weight
    {table=head]Gender | Base Height | height modifier | Base Weight | weight modifier
    Male | 5"5" | +2d8 | 130lbs | x(1d8)lbs
    Female | 5'5" | +2d8 | 120lbs | x(1d6)lbs[/table]
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