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    Default The Grebblits (Race)

    The Grebblits

    The Grebblits are undead creatures that prey on anyone who wanders too far away from the city, to deep into the wilderness. They lurk around civilization and wait for living creatures to stray to far into their reach. They are carnivorous and eat any meat, but to them the flesh of a human is a savory treat...

    Personality: Grebblits are chaotic evil creatures with a mind of chaos, they only socialize with other Grebblits because its beneficial to them, more hands means more hunting. More hunting means more food.... more humans to eat.
    They care little for anything other then eating, and will eat all day everyday if they can. They don't beat around the bush with trickery, only patience and waiting. Waiting just long enough for them to get out of sight from the others, then they don't play with their food; they swoop in with knives and blades. The only boon is that the Grebblits prefer their meat fresh, and will keep their victims alive until they are cooked- cooked food tastes so much better to them.

    Physical Description: Grebblits look like bipedal rabbits often torn in places with bones sticking out and chunks missing from their sides with bite marks a plenty from squabbles around the cooking pot. They often wear clothes they loot from the bodies they steal away. They are small, and quick creatures with sharp spike like teeth and faded white eyes.
    They always weight anywhere from 50 to 100 pounds and they all stand 3.5 feet tall.
    They are not born, they are made. They are created by the same All Evil the Melbred serve, created as a wicked accomplice in the consumption of the living.

    Alignment: Grebblits are always chaotic evil.

    Adventures: Grebblits sometimes adventure to break away from the pack, to find their own food so there is more for themselves. They'd adventure to seek new flavors, new tastes, new flesh to consume. Grebblits love eating more then anything, and the idea of eating exotic flesh fills their mind and pushes them towards adventuring.

    small undead (magical beast)
    +4 Dex, +2 Str*

    *- this already factors strength penalties due to size.
    Small Size
    40ft speed

    Natural Weapons: Grebblits have claws that deal normal claw damage for a creature of its size, and a bite attack that deals damage as if it was two size categories larger (i.e. claws do 1d4 points of damage and bite does 2d6 points of damage).
    Taste of Death (Ex): A grebblit that has done melee damage to a creature can take a swift action to taste its blood, or savor a chunk of its flesh, so long as it could do so (i.e. a grebblit need to be able to lick its blade, or pick up a severed limb; bite attacks do this automatically).
    The grebblit takes on a frenzied state that pushes it to deal extra damage equal to its HD or character level, and takes a fourth of that as a penalty to AC. A 20th level grebblit deals 10 extra damage per attack, and has a -5 penalty to AC.
    Blood Hunt (Su): A grebblit who has tasted a creature always knows its general direction and can sense its presence. A blood-red mist, visible only to the grebblit, emanates from the tasted creature, marking it and foiling any disguise, illusion, and shapechanging effects. A grebblit can can target a tasted creature with spells, spell-like effects and supernatural abilities without line of sight or line of effect. The mist is a mental effect that only affects the grebblit. There is no save and no way to discover this effect, not even by magical or supernatural means. This lasts until either the target or the grebblit is dead.
    Pack Hunt (Su): A grebblit can cut its paw like hand and make a similar cut on the palm of another creature. By shaking these two hands together a pact is made and now both creatures can sense a single creature the grebblit can sense in the same way as the grebblit can through Blood Hunt. If the other creature is also a grebblit, it can share one creature it has tasted as well at the same time.
    Skill Bonuses: A grebblit has a +2 racial bonus to the following skills: Intimidate, Jump, Listen, and Move Silently
    Automatic Languages: Common
    Bonus Languages: Any
    Favored Class: Ranger or Barbarian
    Level Adjustment: 2
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