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    Quote Originally Posted by Welknair View Post
    Fun fact: Low level spells (0 and 1) are my favorite spells. Since any spellcaster can use them, they easily change the flavor of a world, and are usable from the very start. For the most part, these look like amazing additions.

    I'd recommend looking in Heroes of Battle for what they say about Trenches and Move Earth. They already have some stats for it, there.
    I sadly lack a copy of Heros of Battle.

    Call the Lord seems a bit.. Well, I find it odd that it summons the actual form of the Deity. I see players using it more to manipulate people rather than for the morale bonus. Perhaps instead make it very clear that the illusion created is NOT the actual god, but instead represents the God's favoring of the casting side? Or something like that?
    It's meant to be used for manipulation also "This spell creates the visual illusion of your deity and patron." It isn't the actual deity manifesting, though clerics would tell you otherwise. I'll add in something to remove the confusion though.

    Cobblestone could probably be abused as a low-level way to turn dirt/sand into stone. I could totally imagine a King employing an army of 1st-level casters, having them Cobblestone piles of sand, then have commoners haul the stone away to make a giant wall. Or better yet, dump the sand where the wall is to be, then Cobblestone it. Kind of like casting Obsidian in Minecraft.
    It is meant to be used to quicken the development of cities so that fills its purpose well.

    How does Master's Luck work when using Profession to work for pay, over a week-long period?
    Copy and paste error. I've rewritten it, now it is more similar to True Strike.
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