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    Quote Originally Posted by Debihuman View Post
    First, an evil Undead creature shouldn't be a Player Character Race at all. Second, it's Undead (Augmented Magical Beast) as the correct subtype.

    Since we don't have the stats for a living grabbit, it's pretty hard to judge what an Undead grabbit should be.
    ... Because there ARE no living Grabbits.

    Apparently you've never heard of the many players who play evil characters.

    I don't understand Taste of Blood. This makes it sound like something it would get if it successfully bites someone. What is the normal damage a bite does (since this adds extra damage, you need a base damage.
    Yes, I seem to have forgotten to give them Bite. But the ability functions whenever it deals damage, as it says. Ie; you lick the blood soaked blade/axe/dagger. Hmm. But me going back and saying that does bring a different point I'll fix.
    Speed doesn't make a lot of sense. Small creature's usually have a base speed of 20 feet. A fast speed for a Small creature is 30 ft. (40 ft. just strikes me as too fast). If they are so fast, why do they "lurk" and not just chase down their prey. Your text and stats contradict.
    It does NOT contredict. Just because they lurk does not mean they must be slow, just because they are small does not mean they have to be slow.
    They are fast, but their slow, imagine that.

    Why does a Cheeta slink low through the tall grass? To get closer. To get an opportune strike. Because they can.
    Why does this creature have better than average stats? It gets these adjustments just for being Small-- +1 Size, which applies to Armor Class and Attack Bonus, -4 Grapple, and +4 to Hide. I can see giving it +4 Dex but not +2 Str. These are quick opponents not ones that overpower their enemies. I recommend +4 Dex and -2 Str.
    Because the Grebblits are made that way. They are made to be compact and stronger, with powerful limbs and jaws with which to tear their victims apart.
    Since this has the Augmented Magical Beast subtype, it is only proficient with natural attacks. This seems like it has just a bite attack. It is Small, so a Small creature's bite is likely its only attack doing 1d4 damage plus 1 and 1/2 Str damage. It sounds like you just didn't want to call it Rend.

    Giving it additional damage equal to 1/2 it's HD scales but I'm not a fan of it. It's a lot easier if it adds a static amount of damage.

    I do not understand the "frenzied state" It's a rip-off of Rage but without the cool benefits. The extra damage does not off-set the loss of AC. And that AC penalty is way too severe. I'd never play one of these for that alone.
    It is NOT a rip off of anything.
    Blood Hunt is not the best name. Really this is like Bloodsense but with the ooky mist that follows the target. Can everyone see this mist or just the grabbit? How do you get rid of the mist effect? There should be a save to avoid it as well.
    Like hell there should. It doesn't effect them at all. It effects the Grebblit, the Grebblit sees it, no one else does. Because this mist is not on them at all. Its a mental effect behind the Grebblit itself.
    How, then, are these not Constructs rather than Undead? Again, there is a disconnect between the text and the creature's traits.
    Just because its created does not make it a construct.
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