I'm not going to get terribly into this, but I'd note that Blood Hunt does need some clearing up. Namely, as-written, you could taste somebody once, 12 years ago, and then Fireball them when you next come within one mile of them. You state no duration for it. Is it meant to be a permanent effect? If so, I could easily imagine Grebblits trading around small traces of the blood of important people, each "Collecting" tastes of many. Not sure if that was intended or not.

As for Range on spells cast on a Blood Hunted creature: Huh? How does this even? Alright, I get that it helps you track them. I could understand overcoming Concealment or Cover, or giving a bonus to Ranged Touch Attacks or something like that. Maybe even something as powerful as doubled range. But.. Your fireball teleports 1 mile to hit them in the face, ignoring the 15-foot steel wall between you? I can't understand how that works out.

Debi: Do note that the LA on this has yet to be determined, so that alters balance level a bit. But I agree on most of your points.