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    Alias: N/A

    Gender: Female

    Race/Species: Selkie

    Age: 20

    Profession: N/A

    Description: She's fairly small and plump. Her skin is a grey-brown with a scattering of light spots down her back and the backs of her arms. Atop her head is a mop of dark brown hair that hangs down a bit past her shoulders. Curiously, she doesn't appear to have legs. Instead of legs, her lower body widens a bit and has the tail flippers of a sea lion.

    Pavati has quite large eyes for her face, and the whites are only visible in the very corners. Sticking out to either side from her eyebrows are three long and ridged hairs and several smaller similar ones; Sort of like whiskers. Her lips are somewhat thin and her nose is small and round. Her fingers are webbed and tipped with claws. Her only clothing consists of a few modern style tops.


    Personality: Pavati is a very friendly individual. She's bubbly and perhaps a bit ditsy. It's hard to keep her spirit down, even at the worst of times; She's an eternal optimist. Crude advances from men are bound to leave her mildly angry, while on the other hand, a charmer is sure to catch her interest.

    • Some special gloves to protect her hands while she's pulling herself around on land.

    Inventory: Small bag
    • A small ivory horn, with a thin gold band wrapped around halfway along it. When blown it summons Ithuriel to her side.


    Abilities: Pavati possesses no noteworthy abilities.

    Backstory: Pavati comes from a small tribe of selkies that live in an ocean in the Nexus. She took an interest the land beyond the beaches one day when observing a group of "land people". After some time she decided to act on her curiosity and travel inland to explore. It was perfect timing, as she was starting to get fed up with the frequent and crude advances she'd been receiving do to it being mating season.

    Miscellaneous: N/A
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