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Thread: Class archetype list- help me out?

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    Default Class archetype list- help me out?

    Hey, playgrounders, I'm working on a variant set of d20 rules, and would like some class suggestions. The idea is to keep things as open as possible; cross classing will be heavily encouraged. That being said, are there any suggestions you might have? I'm especially looking for expansions on the "rogue-esque" area, and after that the "mundane" section. The system will be high magic/steampunk supportive, but allow for other settings.

    -Blasting mage
    -Illusionist (physical illusion, as opposed to mental enchantment)
    -Enchanter (mental illusions/effects)
    -Buffing mage
    -Protective mage

    --Machine-gun archer (double, triple, etc shot)

    -Stick and board
    --More sticks

    -Two sticks
    --Various combos of the above sticks


    --Maybe not a thing of its own, but given the overabundance of mages, it canít hurt
    ----to have class features that give this ability

    --Marshal/white raven -esque

    -Beast master


    -Engineer (gadgetry)
    -Special Ops type (jack of all trades, sorta)
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