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    Hit Die: d8

    Prerequisites: To qualify to become a chosen, a character must meet all of the following criteria
    ECL: 20 or higher

    Class Skills: All skills are class skills for a Chosen.
    Skill Points at Each Level: 4 + Int modifier

    {table=head]Level|Base Attack Bonus|Special|Advancement

    |Bonus Feat|+1 level of class features for two classes

    ||+1 level of class features for three classes

    |Bonus Feat|+1 level of class features for two classes

    ||+1 level of class features for three classes

    |Bonus Feat|+1 level of class features for two classes

    ||+1 level of class features for three classes

    |Bonus Feat|+1 level of class features for two classes

    ||+1 level of class features for three classes

    |Bonus Feat|+1 level of class features for two classes

    ||+1 level of class features for three classes[/table]

    Class Features: The following are class features of the Chosen.

    Epic Spellcasting: Even without the Epic Spellcaster feat, a chosen can still develop and cast epic spells using any four seeds of his or her choice seeds. For the purpose of developing epic spells with these seeds (and only these seeds), costs in gold pieces and experience points are halved. If the chosen doesn't cast spells, he or she uses his or her highest ability score modifier to determine epic spell save DCs.

    Chosen Advancement: At each level, a chosen selects two different base classes and gains class features (including spellcasting ability) and an increase in effective level as if you had also gained a level in those classes. You need not have previously possessed levels in that class and may choose different classes at each level. You do not gain the benefit of chosen classí Hit Dice, attack progression, or skill points, however. At each even level, the chosen may select a third base class to advance in this way.

    Bonus Feat: At every odd level, a chosen may select any feat that he or she qualifies for as a bonus feat.

    Notes and Explanation:

    Behold the chosen; the class without flavor; the class that breaks just about all of my own rules. Behold the glory of its simplicity and weep. Okay, not really. Seriously, though, this class serves two purposes that I didnít think I could fill through more traditional means:

    First and most obviously, this class is the universal theurge that enables pretty entertaining builds. Just finish rogue 20? Become a scout/ninja and continue training rogue at even levels. Just finish warblade 20? Let me show you the wonders of a wizard/erudite with a bit of factotum sprinkled in. The possibilities go on and on.

    The less obvious use of this class is to stop base class purists. Most people are pretty accepting of the fact that prestige classes in general are typically stronger than base classes. Iím trying hard to make these epic PrCs stronger on average than normal PrCs. Thus, having someone who insists on playing a fighter 30 is just going to wreck balance unless everyone is acting like that. I kept the prerequisites simple so every epic character qualifies automatically and I kept the class simple so even newcomers to epic levels can use it. This is meant as the default epic PrC, to be taken if nothing else interests you or if you donít meet the prerequisites for anything else.

    Also, I must admit that this class only doesnít have introductory text because my first five tries all crashed and burned. I have no idea how to write flavor for the text and canít be sure that any is even needed at all. If you want to take a shot at it, go right ahead.
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