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Real Name and Aliases: Emily Dickinson Aramil; Beautiful M.E.

Race: Urban Elf

Age: 16

Profession: Artist

Description: A sixteen year old girl with curly brown hair. She has elf-like ears but how elf factors into her heritage is currently undecided. She mostly wears rainbow and tie-dye colored shirts. She's also always in reach of her headphones and her bright red roller skates.

Personality: Friendly as they come, Emmi takes the most pleasure in bringing her special definition of beauty to the world, this mostly involves using grafitti to brighten up otherwise drab or depressing streets. She loves bright colors, fast music, and roller skating, all three luckily come together in her chosen "career path" as a graffiti artist. She's a hippie at heart, inspired by her mother's activism. She's an environmentalist, a pacifist, and a vegetarian. She's considered veganism, but has no intent on giving up ice cream, so screw that.

Equipment: -Her rollerskates, which make her quicker than most on foot. She's as agile as a dancer in them, probably more than her own two feet.
-A duck call whistle she uses to signal her friends. All members of The Guild have one.
-A paint gun which can change colors mid spray.

Backstory: She was raised by a single mother with her two elder brothers. That's all I have for now.


The Guild is an underground club of graffiti artists, originally focused on covering up gang symbols in the city of Inside. Eventually the club became rather famous among the local club and music community and were sought out for concert advertisements and events. It almost became a sort of weird prestige to have them do a piece for you. In addition to supporting local bands, younger members constantly asked for extra tags to get better at art. With the weekly painting jobs, the Guild became an art club all it's own. They often work at night and masked, spending a night on a piece and dispersing just before dawn. They have a series of safe houses magically hidden all over inside and are very organized, having several get away plans. It's members include:

General Surgeon: Sometimes called "The Doc." He's a professor of engineering by day and the eldest member of the Guild by night. He built everyone's paint guns, which can change the color of the paint, even mid-spray.

Freakin A!: The group's foul mouthed member, who doesn't really understand that they try to do things stealthily. In the club almost more for the stickin' it to the man than the art. He loves loud music and "Fightin' the powers that be."

Shady Springs: The huge yet silent guy. He built like a tank, and how his skates support his weight is astounding. Only Doc knows anything about him. He's a good artist and a loyal guild member, so no one complains.

Speakeasy: Second oldest but second newest. He's new at graffiti art but he's actually in the advertising industry and an expert calligrapher.

All-Hallows Eve: Obsessed with anime and manga, the distinct, blue haired, and excessively bubbly otaku has every frame of manga she's ever read memorized. As the only member who knows magic, she casts the enchantments that hide the safe houses and spells that keep the paintings from fading or being painted over for weeks. Ships A!xSprings.

Impractical Joker: The youngest member, fourteen year old Joker is the resident "little perv." The other members are hoping he'll grow out of it.

Beautiful M.E.: Emmi. Her profile is up at the top. What more do you want?