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Steelweave could do with some clarification that the cloth becomes rigid.
Added in that it has armor class penalty and Arcane Casting failure and that it is nearly as rigid as steel.

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I would also like some clarification on Steelweave. like, how is spell failure chance affected? what is the armorclass bonus of a stealweaved cloak? I really like the idea of it, though. as a Tamora Pierce fan, magical cloth is always interesting, I tried to work some out once, but i never got anywhere with it.
An average cloak would have 10 hardness and 15 hitpoints. Covering your body it would give you a +2 or +3 bonus possibly. You would have to ask your DM.

As i've written it, the AC is determined as if you were wearing a metallic version. So it would be the AC of a cloak completely made of steel. If that doesn't exist in the game then your DM would have to decide what it equals.