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Level Adjustment: ?
Challenge Rating (Pathfinder):
I'd go with 5 perhaps. One for every 3 years of training required. (4 maybe if any suggestions I had change it)

Hit Dice: No change to the die, but the minimum die result per HD is 1/2 the die, such as 6 on a d12. Roll regardless and re-roll results lower then the half mark.
So you would reroll on 1-5 and keep 6-12 in the instance of d12?

Sidenote: Does template mean any class can take druid as the template? Or is it a class of sorts? I think the former, I'm just not familar with templates so I'm just making sure.

True Seeing (Su):
Druids can cast a duration-less True Seeing effect as a full round action. This sight overlays their real vision, invoking a -2 penalty to spot checks due to two sets of sensory information at once. True Seeing wears off if the druid is rendered unconscious or otherwise goes to sleep.
This can be used as a Detect Magic effect. It can read auras to function as Detect Good, Evil, Law, and Chaos and determine if a target is a Caster (and if its Divine, Arcane, or something else) or determine race.
If you look at something with more then twice your HD, you are blinded for 1d6 rounds. four times your HD and you are permanently blinded until healed.
This lasts as long as you like as long as you don’t fall asleep? Can you turn it off as a partial or full round if say, you hear a dragon rampaging behind you, and you know you’ll be blinded if you turn around? Perhaps the detect alignment and ability to cast could be an additional minus to the check you mentioned (though you might want to add search and appraise to that list as well). I’m fairly sure this version of True seeing is homebrew? As in, I don’t recall if seeing alignment was part of that…

In any case, it might be interesting to make it so that the druid has to choose what they are seeing when they cast true seeing. As in, when I enact it, I choose to see “who is a caster” and the normal true seeing, and get a -1 on checks. The more I add on, the more -1’s. So Detect evil, good, chaos, and law all at once means a -4.

Earthly connection (Ex):
When a druid is in contact with the ground, they can run forever (No checks relating to the Endurance feat) and are not subject to death from massive damage. They have a +2 to Fort and Will saves. Whats more, they must maintain this connection to perform bindings.
+4 Str(only when in contact with the ground), +4 Con(only when in contact with the ground),
These ability modifiers should likely be mentioned in Earthly connection, since all powers mention derives from being connected to the ground.

Some questions on this: If the player jumps, do they lose these abilities? Climbs? Is on the second floor of a building? On a 1st floor of a building that has a basement? In a tree? If a druid puts a layer of dirt in their boots, do they still get these bonus’s?

Cold Fire (Su):
Druids are gifted with Cold Fire, a highly draining flame that slays Demons and Devils.
This doesn’t apply to any other type of outsider or other things such as undead? Noting that the druid’s magic doesn’t harm anything living, I’d have been inclined to believe it would have been undead, not creatures from hell and the abyss that would suffer from coldfire.

Elemental Connection (Ex):
Elemental in this case does not refer to that little 8HD fire elemental you defeated that last encounter, but primal elemental beings governing over an area or specific element, such as an Iron Elemental, an entity governing the element Iron. Or a phosphorus elemental, or a Hydrogen elemental.
There are larger elementals that instead of governing an element, govern an area. Such as the Doomstone elemental who controls the Doomstone mountains.
So these elementals are like awarenessed in all kinds of things found in nature? Some were specific such as an element, or “smaller elementals” and then larger encompassing ones, Larger or Governing Elementals. Interesting. It should be harder in general to persuade a larger rather than a smaller. Perhaps a list of personalities, depending on element might be interesting. Or perhaps some you can’t contact until you’ve reached a certain HD (ignores puny mortal). Something of the sort.

Charm Crafting (Ex):
A Druid can craft charms. These take a few years to create, 1 year per effective spell level the Binding the charm would mimic. Creating a charm for a binding is an annoying process. It doesn't require sacrifice other then time and magical energy used to create bindings and innate magic within the charm. But by doing this, a Charm's binding can be used as a swift or move action instead of its normal action.
A druid can enlist an elemental to help her in the crafting of a charm, allowing an effect the elemental would produce to be instilled within the charm for more regular use.
A druid can have a number of charms equal to 1/2 its HD.
So in order to use binding you need to make a charm for each kind? I’m a bit confused.

Shapechanger (Ex):
Example forms could be... tigers, cheetahs, lions, bears, wolves, dogs, wolverines, eels, sharks, otters, beavers, platypuses, deer, elk, gazelles, hawks, eagles, owls, and so on.
A druid never has two of the same kind of animals. A druid wont be having one deer form and one elk form, or one hawk form and one owl form.
Why are the tattoos random? Shouldn’t each tattoo mean something? Perhaps to balance what someone has for animals, there can be tiers that the animals are drawn from or some such. Thoughts?

Abilities: and +4 to one mental statistic.
I’d recommend instead of adding +4 to the mental stat, requiring an 18 in a mental stat, and then gaining a +2. Perhaps a -2 to charisma because of the tattoos?

Skills: +4 Concentration, +4 Craft (any one), Handle Animal +4, +4 Knowledge (Nature, Geography), +4 Survival.
These appear to be requirements. Or do you gain them for taking the template? If you gain them, I’m not so sure someone should be getting 16 extra ranks…maybe have it required 2 ranks in each, and get +2 per skill when the template is taken?

And it seems that you have been updating your page while i've been reponding. As stands before I re-look over, I like it! I'm curious about some things and hope any of this is some help? If not, ah well!