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I'd go with 5 perhaps. One for every 3 years of training required. (4 maybe if any suggestions I had change it)
Yep. I decided to label it as 5 earlier, after you quoted it would seem.

So you would reroll on 1-5 and keep 6-12 in the instance of d12?
Sidenote: Does template mean any class can take druid as the template? Or is it a class of sorts? I think the former, I'm just not familar with templates so I'm just making sure.
Template means this is something that is applied to a base creature. Like an extension of its race.

This lasts as long as you like as long as you don’t fall asleep? Can you turn it off as a partial or full round if say, you hear a dragon rampaging behind you, and you know you’ll be blinded if you turn around? Perhaps the detect alignment and ability to cast could be an additional minus to the check you mentioned (though you might want to add search and appraise to that list as well). I’m fairly sure this version of True seeing is homebrew? As in, I don’t recall if seeing alignment was part of that…
The ability is called True Seeing, but it does a lot more then just mimic the True Seeing spell's effects.
In any case, it might be interesting to make it so that the druid has to choose what they are seeing when they cast true seeing. As in, when I enact it, I choose to see “who is a caster” and the normal true seeing, and get a -1 on checks. The more I add on, the more -1’s. So Detect evil, good, chaos, and law all at once means a -4.
A great idea.

These ability modifiers should likely be mentioned in Earthly connection, since all powers mention derives from being connected to the ground.
*nod* Yea, I should do that.
Some questions on this: If the player jumps, do they lose these abilities? Climbs? Is on the second floor of a building? On a 1st floor of a building that has a basement? In a tree? If a druid puts a layer of dirt in their boots, do they still get these bonus’s?
If they jump, while they are in the air they lose the benefits. Same if they are flying. A tree is fine, if it is living. Boots are fine, its a small barrier unless the soles are made of rubber or something. First floor of a building is fine, first floor of a building that has a basement is not. Pretty much, up to 2ft of barrier is fine between the druid and the ground. So if you jump higher then two feat, fly, ect, you lose the benefits. If an artificial material separates them, such as Steel or plastics, it counts as two feet per half-inch.
In my new edit, I refer to Iron Druids, druids with an Iron Charm. These druids are unaffected by Iron impediments. A 10ft slab of iron in contact with the ground counts as part of the ground itself, not hindering the druid's connection.

This doesn’t apply to any other type of outsider or other things such as undead? Noting that the druid’s magic doesn’t harm anything living, I’d have been inclined to believe it would have been undead, not creatures from hell and the abyss that would suffer from coldfire.
No. Cold Fire is something directly effecting Demons and Devils, creatures from hellscapes. Undead are alter shown to be effected in Bindings, their necrotic dead flesh being fair game according the the druid's magic, allowing direct bindings to occur, such as Unbinding them to turn the undead creature into a puddle of liquefied flesh.

So these elementals are like awarenessed in all kinds of things found in nature? Some were specific such as an element, or “smaller elementals” and then larger encompassing ones, Larger or Governing Elementals. Interesting. It should be harder in general to persuade a larger rather than a smaller. Perhaps a list of personalities, depending on element might be interesting. Or perhaps some you can’t contact until you’ve reached a certain HD (ignores puny mortal). Something of the sort.
Well, no elemental outright ignores a Druid. They do however ignore nondruids unless a druid gives them the okay, in which case the elemental can provide a marble like object allowing the nondruid to communicate with the elemental.
Druids and elementals have a closer connection, one of the druid's purposes behind their creation by Gaia is so the druids can protect the Elementals from vile sorcerers who would bind the elementals, enslaving them for their power.
As such, elementals have a healthy amount of consideration for druids. But at the same time, its like a relation between a costumer and the worker behind that deli counter. You love them for what they can provide for you, but you make them provide all the same in a transaction of money for the service of delicious chicken or egg rolls and what not.

The Druid's provide a service, they are there, they can communicate with the elemental, and they have the power to help the Elemental. They make use of their services and in return provide services and aid to the druid when they can.

But like your friend who works at the deli will sometimes give you free snacks, an elemental who is friends with the druid can provide free favors, and vice versa.

But, weaker Druids may not merit the elementals service if the elemental thinks the druid is too weak to provide a service it needs.
Personalities are in control of the DM in charge of the setting, there are hundreds of elemental types @,..,@ Way too many for me to create a list of general personalities common to each elemental.
So its up to the DM on a case by case basis up to their imagination.

So in order to use binding you need to make a charm for each kind? I’m a bit confused.
No. Charms are little tiny magical items attached to a pendant, necklace, bracelet, or something, that make Bindings easier in addition to allowing you to trap effects you could ask an Elemental to do (within reason) for general use, without the elemental present to perform it itself.

Why are the tattoos random? Shouldn’t each tattoo mean something? Perhaps to balance what someone has for animals, there can be tiers that the animals are drawn from or some such. Thoughts?
The tattoos themselves aren't random. But in the processes of gaining the tattoos, various animal forms with choose you in a somewhat spiritual sort of thing, instilling the power innate within you for use. These animal forms don't have tattoos representing them upon the body.

I thought about tier'ing up animals, but there are too many animals to categorize, and their spread out through a bazillion different sourcebooks. So. Its up to DM judgement.

I’d recommend instead of adding +4 to the mental stat, requiring an 18 in a mental stat, and then gaining a +2. Perhaps a -2 to charisma because of the tattoos?
Since when to tattoos subtract charisma? Lol.
Unless its freakish tattoos that make you look all scaly and stuff, like that Lizard Man-thing or a lot of full-body tattoos.

These tattoos aren't demonic or pornographic. They are just celtic knots, a bit of small vines, all the same color, sharing the same theme. It doesn't ruin any appearance. The most would be a -2 circumstance penalty against people who hate people with tattoos, and their tattoos are uncovered. Or a +2 against people who find it attractive/intimidating.

These appear to be requirements. Or do you gain them for taking the template? If you gain them, I’m not so sure someone should be getting 16 extra ranks…maybe have it required 2 ranks in each, and get +2 per skill when the template is taken?
They're gained, of course. Templates almost always give skill bonuses. And these are hardly the best ever. Look at the Vampire template, it gives +8 to seven different skills.

And it seems that you have been updating your page while i've been reponding. As stands before I re-look over, I like it! I'm curious about some things and hope any of this is some help? If not, ah well!
I just finished updating actually, and was a few minutes from deciding to post a "Hey, updated and stuff. Someone comment D:!"