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Oh I see. I had this idea to get around the problem by filling my shoes with dirt while I wear them. I think youíve cleared that up. Might want to specify some of what you told me so people know what counts as ground and what does not.

I completely understand thatÖitís just hard sometimes for players to know what they can/should do depending on an elemental without at least some more examples. Maybe listing a few ďclassesĒ of elementals? Like different in solids, gasses and liquids? And then a few examples of groupings, akin to the doom mountain one? So, saying ďan example of a lesser elemental would be (lists maybe 6) while greater elementals are beings that inhabit these kinds of things.Ē Basically, just asking for a few more examples, like how about stone, since itís usually a mixture of many things.
The most I could probably do would be to give a short example for a few, maybe only two, elementals to give an idea on how to construct their personality using general traits in the elemental.
Iron Elementals love to eat spellcasters and fey creatures, and nitrogen elementals being volatile.

Hmmm. So thereís charms that aid in a binding, and charms that store a binding within them. *Notices how long it takes for some of these to create* It can take 700 years to create something? Iím guessing it doesnít have to be done at once, as in cumulative? Does becoming a druid make you live longer? Or would several druids have worked on this charm? *saw Timelessness*

The beef I have with this is it would be hard to role-play something like this. It would either be back story (like becoming a druid would be) or between campaigns maybe. If more druids work on it than one can the length of time shorten? And are charms transferable to another druid?
I was pondering that near the end of my last edit. And I'm thinking yes, they can. Except for the Iron Charm. Iron Charms are unique and bonded to the aura (thats why it takes so long to make). They wouldn't function for anyone else, and indeed I don't they should be able to be removed at all by someone other then the druid.

Iíve stepped in it now! I am by no means saying that tattoos are ugly (I have one myself) but I do recognize that they often are taboo for the general population. Even the not demonic looking ones. Additionally, Iíve seen classes where tattoos took away from charisma, or added to the character being more memorable to others. Minus to disguise at least. Even if covered, tattoos have a habit of peeking out at people. Especially if you have 6. It was just an attempt to decrease the ability increase, as currently 4 of the 6 are increased for a total of 14 ability increases. I wonder what class Iím talking aboutÖI canít remember off the top of my headÖI donít think itís the tattoo monk but maybe it is?
I think I've only ever seen one template that reduced an ability score.

Ugh, I need to write my intimidation fix. That skill drives me crazy.
I just realized something. I can be a druid squared! I put some druid in my druid so I can tangle you while I tangle you.