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    Quote Originally Posted by Aeryr View Post
    I like them, I specially like that they are based on "real" examples of legendary swords. My favorite is Colada but I am certainly biased on that since I own a replica

    I like the flavorful abilities or limitations to the user of the sword they are really cool. But I cannot really say if they are too overpowered or not not many things to compare with.
    You noticed? cool. I was trying to stat out all the mythical/legendary swords in folklore from a variety of cultures.

    Quote Originally Posted by togapika View Post
    So great for use against the ladies, or gentlemans whatever your fancy may be...
    True that.

    Colada is getting some love :3

    Pro tip:
    Caledfwlch is another name for Excalibur. But that would have been too blatant and "Oh, Excalibur, of course that would be here".

    I must say Colada is among my favorite as well.
    My favs, in order:

    1. Fragarach
    2. Colada
    3. Durendal

    Durendal may seem like its a bit much, but its great for roleplaying aspects and an excellent quest target as an item to retrieve in order to slay a great and powerful enemy.

    Edit: Ah. And the Dragonbone sword is pretty potent.
    Want me to add it to the top after digging up a true name for it? The Dragonbone Sword being the title given to it, in italics under the name.
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