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Gullsul'gurod, The Blade of Troll Lords

Whenever you mention Trolls, all you will ever hear about is a phsyicaly power, but very stupid giant. But have you ever heard the Northmens name for witchcraft? Trolli.

The Old Trollish empires would have put the current works of man to shame, and encompassed hieghts of both technology and magic, wonders seen only in long lost glimpses, in fadded ruins on the Astral Sea, and in Gullsul'gurod.

The Blade of the Great Troll Kings, it is forged from a substance that defies magical and phsyical investigation. Expect by swinging the blade.

In the hundreds of thousands of years it's been around, it's never dulled, never been marred, and never again been in Trollish hands.

Lost in the great battle of Stronus Fell against the Dragons, a Red Dragon had it in her hord for mellina. It was lost in the elven uprising.

But, it's seeking. It wants to return to Trollish Hands. It wants to restore it's makers to their ancient and full glory. All it needs is a leader.

+5 Greatsword. It overcomes all forms of physical damage reduction. It also grants it's wielders a +8 Bonus to Cha. However, if they have the leadership fet, they gain *3 the numer of followers. If they have extra followers, this increases to *10. If they have epic leadership, it increases to *25. If they have Legendary commander, it increases to *100.