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    Spirit is a Subtype proposed in Oriental Adventures, and more thoroughly defined in Complete Divine. The gist is that it's made up of creatures with:
    • Incorporeal Undead
    • Fey Type
    • Elemental Type
    • Astral form (as from Astral Projection)
    • Spirit Subtype (mostly creatures in Oriental Adventures, but includes a variety of other weird options like Nagas and Rakshasas)
    The Spirit Ally spell line is phrased almost identically to the 3.0 Planar Ally spells. They weren't updated in the 3.5 release, but I am going to endorse treating them as if they were – this doesn't necessarily make them any stronger or weaker than they would be under Oriental Adventures' phrasings, but it makes them less DM-dependent.

    For reference, here's the value of the exchange of services outlined in the Planar Ally spells:
    "A task taking up to 1 minute per caster level requires a payment of 100 gp per HD of the creature called. For a task taking up to 1 hour per caster level, the creature requires a payment of 500 gp per HD. A long-term task, one requiring up to one day per caster level, requires a payment of 1,000 gp per HD.
    A nonhazardous task requires only half the indicated payment, while an especially hazardous task might require a greater gift. Few if any creatures will accept a task that seems suicidal (remember, a called creature actually dies when it is killed, unlike a summoned creature). However, if the task is strongly aligned with the creature’s ethos, it may halve or even waive the payment."
    The spells can be costly – prohibitively costly even, for high-HD Spirits without an ethos aligning with their task. So the best way of using it is, naturally enough, to call creatures with appropriate ethics. But when that's not possible the cost is often still, a good deal, when compared to the price of magical items of the Spirits' SLAs, or when accounting for abilities that can't otherwise be readily purchased.

    It's also useful because it essentially uncaps the options the Shaman brings to the table. If you need an effect, odds are you can dig around monster books and find a spirit with that ability (or a spirit who can summon another creature with that ability). Using Spirit Ally efficiently, the Shaman basically has the means to do whatever the hell it likes.
    I'm including a list of the spirits that I find especially useful for one reason or another. There are certainly more, if you're willing to dig around in splatbooks. Or if you're willing to just throw the Ghost template on a creature you want and to call that a day.

    Ghost [Template, Any] – Turn most creature types into valid targets for Spirit Ally, and tack on some powerful abilities to boot. This template is going to be your best friend.

    Grig [1/2 HD, NG] – Entangle, Self-invisibility and a high Hide score.
    Rime Sprite (web) [1/2 HD, CN] – Utility SLAs like Minor Image, Entangle and Obscuring Mist, and excellent flight/swim.

    Pixie [1 HD, NG] – Permanently invisible, flight, Entangle, Permanent Image and Detect Thoughts. Possibly Irresistible dance and Sleep/Memory Loss Arrows.
    Vargouille [1 HD, NE] – Good stealth skills for its HD, area paralysis (low DC) and create more Vargouilles.

    Elemental, Small Shadow (ToM) [2 HD, N] – Inexpensive incorporeal scout with Blindsense and an accommodating alignment.
    Elemental, Small Taint (ToM) [2 HD, CE] – Move action dimension door 3/day, weak taint attack
    Nat, Einsaung (OA) [2 HD, CG] – Ethereal Jaunt, Passwall, Divination, Invisibility, Levitate, Polymorph, Possess
    Paraelemental, Small Ooze (MoP) [2 HD, N] – Very strong acid burns through Metal and Wood, swim speed 50 ft.

    Gaki, Jiki-Niku (OA) [3 HD, CE] – Invisibility, Passwall, Fine Insect form
    Nereid (Storm) [3 HD, CN] – High-level spell effects for its HD (Control Water, Control Currents, Wall of Ice), swim speed and some Doctor Doolittling.
    Thoqqua [3 HD, N] – Tremorsense and fast burrow make it an excellent scout on land.

    Nat, Hkum Yeng (OA) [4 HD, N] – The same main draws as the Einsaung Nat, but with a more accessible alignment. Ethereal Jaunt, Passwall, Invisibility, Levitate, Possess Animal, Dispel Magic, Detect Thoughts.
    Sirine (MM2) [4 HD, CN] – Charming song, Intelligence damage, Polymorph, Greater Invisibility, Fog Cloud.
    Spectral Steed (Ghost) [4 HD, NE] – Incorporeal with high speed and negative level attacks.
    Earth Whisper (RoS) [4 HD, NE] – Incorporeal Elemental with at-will Stone Shape and a Dex damage attack. Also access to Wall of Stone and some Supernatural mind effects with lowish DCs.

    Redcap (MM3) [5HD, CE] – Not particularly stunning initially, but it gains HD and abilities very quickly, and fluff-wise, anything involving murdering fits strongly within the Redcap's ethos (so it should be very affordable). And murdering is pretty much what D&D characters do.
    Quell (LM) [5 HD, LE] – Incorporeal undead with the ability to turn divine casters off, and decent scouting skills.

    Deadwood Revenant (DR#357) [6 HD NE] – Incorporeal, Bestow curse and Entangle at will, passive debuffing aura, decent stealth skills, enchantment SLAs.
    Nymph [6 HD, CG] – Passive blinding aura, 7th level Druid casting and at-will stun attack.
    Fire Bat (MM2) [6 HD, NE] – 120ft Blindsense and decent scout skills make it a workable scout. Or just a party-wide HUD.
    Taunting Haunt [6 HD, CN] – Incorporeal, Force creatures to say the opposite of what they mean, SLAs like Fear, Glibness and Invisibility.

    Rakshasa [7 HD, LE] – Good social skills, high resistances, spells like level 7 Sorcerer.
    Naga, Banelar (SK) [7 HD, LE] – Constitution poison, 6th level in both Wizard and Cleric casting.
    Oread (FF) [7 HD, LN] – Burrow speed and some decent SLAs like Charm Monster, Transmute Rock to Mud, Transmute Mud to Rock, Earthquake, Stone Shape, Move Earth, but a tight timeline before it has to get back to its mountain.
    Crypt Chanter (LM) [7 HD, CE] – Incorporeal with Dazing/Enthralling/Negative Level music, good scout skills and create spawn. Useful scout, mass-disabler and story-breaker.

    Oni, Common (OA) [8 HD, NE] – Big, strong, and with SLAs that make it a pretty good fighter (Fly, Invisibility, Polymorph)
    Bane Wraith (HoH) [8 HD, CE] - Extraordinary ability to learn information about nearby creatures and every creature that they love, appears corporeal, pretty good at scout/intimidate skils; otherwise fairly standard incorporeal undead.
    Breathdrinker (MM2) [8 HD, CE] – Free action invisibility, Paralyzing Gaze, Constitution Damage attack and fast perfect flight.
    Elemental Weird, Lesser (DR#347) [8 HD, N] – Commands other elementals of the same type (low save, but no limits on HD or daily uses). The earth version has ridiculous 90ft burrow.
    Galeb Duhr (MM2) [8 HD, N] – Tough, with 300ft Tremorsense, SLAs like Stone Shape, Passwall and Wall of Stone.
    Nature Spirit, Large (OA) [8 HD, N] – Cast any Wu Jen spell from a chosen element 1/day, Shapechange 5/day, decent scout skills.

    Oni, Me-Zu (OA) [10 HD, LN] – Giant with True Seeing, Spells as 10th level Wu Jen.
    Immoth (MM2) [ 10 HD, N] – Spells as 12th level Sorcerer, cheesy free-action spell trigger item creation, paralysis poison.
    Usunag (web) [10 HD, CN] – Gaseous, good scout skills, mental control PLAs, passive nauseate attack.

    Shimmerling Swarm (MM3) [11 HD, CN] – Swarm, passive area fascinate effect, perfect flight, Very strong hide/scout abilities.
    Dreamfane (web) [11 HD, N] – Incorporeal, invisible to creatures that cannot dream, decent PLAs (the big ones are Dispel Psionics, Crisis of Breath and Death Urge), gaze attack of large penalty to rolls.

    Astral Deva [12 HD, G] – Variety of SLAs, Change Shape, Flight and Stun.
    Shirokinu-Katsukami (OA) [12 HD, LG] – Variety of SLAs like mind control, healing, Raise dead, invisibility, astral projection; Improved Grab

    Hebi-No-Onna (OA) [14 HD, LE] – Spells as a 14th level Sorcerer (Wu Jen list), command snakes, hypnotic gaze.
    Dragon, Juvenile Li Lung (OA) [14 HD, N] – Medium dragon with fast burrow, swim speed, invisibility, plane shift and a deafening aura.

    Elemental Weird (OA, Frost) [15 HD, N] – Spells as an 18th level Sorcerer with a few domains, Supernatural Pool of nasty effects, Free Action divinations
    Siabrie (web) [15 HD, CN] – Excellent flight, top-notch Druid SLAs, nasty touch attack, high UMD.

    Dragon, Juvenile Chiang Lung (OA) [16 HD, LN] – It's a large dragon, plus fast swim, divinations, invisibility, plane shift and massive-scale Cause Rain and Control Water.
    Dragon, Juvenile Tun Mi Lung (OA) [16 HD, NE] – Large dragon with very fast flight, high strength, invisibility, plane shift, Hurricane winds and air/water immunities.

    Rakshasa, Ak'Chazar (MM3) [17 HD, LE] – Excellent Social skills, Rebuke Undead, Spells as 12th level Sorcerer, SLAs like Animate Dead, Control Dead and Magic Jar, High resistances.
    Dream Vestige (LM) [17 HD, CE] – Incorporeal, aura of desecration, tendrils of Intelligence Drain, Frightful Presence, self-spawn and good scout skills.

    Nagahydra (SK) [18 HD, N] – Hydra-like combat with 7 heads, Con poison and 15th level Sorcerer casting.
    Brine Naga (web) [18 HD, NE] – 14th level Sorcerer casting from Sorcerer and Druid lists, move action area sicken, high strength poison, nauseates attackers in melee.

    Spirit of the Land (MM2) [20 HD, N] – Incorporeal, a bunch of at-will Druid SLAs.

    Ragewalker (MM3) [22 HD, NE] – Command living spells, force nearby creatures to Rage, some serious blasting SLAs.
    Dragon, Adult Chiang Lung (OA) [22 HD, LN] – Huge dragon with fast swim, divinations, invisibility, plane shift and massive-scale Cause Rain and Control Water.
    Dragon, Adult Tun Mi Lung [22 HD, NE] – Huge dragon with very fast flight, hurricane-force winds, plane shift, invisibility, air and water immunities.

    Dragon, Mature Adult Li Lung (OA) [23 HD, N] – Huge Dragon with fast burrow, swim speed and deafening aura.
    Dragon, Adult T'ien Lung (OA) [23 HD, LN] – Huge Dragon with fast flight, high strength, Control Weather, Invisibility and Plane Shift.

    Naga, Faerunian (SK) [24 HD, CE] – Colossal Naga with spells as a 21st level Sorcerer, fast flight, Constitution poison, and awesome grappling.


    Quick Alignment key:

    With spirit ally, you generally aim for an ability at the lowest HD possible, to get the most bang for your buck. With spirit binding, you generally aim to get an ability at the highest HD below the HD cap, to get the most bang for your spell slot.

    By clicking on the table headings, you can sort by whatever information is most relevant.
    {table=head]Monster |Ethics |Morals |HD |Type |Source |Will* |Cha* |Notable Abilities
    Allip |N |E |04 |Undead |MM |+4 |18 |Incorporeal, Wisdom Drain, Hypnotism Aura
    Shadow |C |E |Varies |Undead |MM |+4 |13 |Incorporeal, Strength Damage, Create Spawn
    Shadow, Greater |C |E |09 |Undead |MM |+7 |14 |Incorporeal, Strength Damage, Create Spawn
    Spectre |L |E |07 |Undead |MM |+7 |15 |Incorporeal, Energy Drain, Create Spawn
    Wraith |L |E |05 |Undead |MM |+6 |15 |Incorporeal, Constitution Drain, Create Spawn
    Wraith, Dread |L |E |16 |Undead |MM |+14 |24 |Incorporeal, Constitution Drain, Create Spawn
    Dryad |C |G |04 |Fey |MM |+6 |18 |SLAs (Most notable: Entangle, Charm, Suggestion)
    Nymph |C |G |06 |Fey |MM |+12 |19 |Blinding Beauty, Spells (7th level Druid), Stunning Glance
    Satyr |C |N |05 |Fey |MM |+5 |13 |Pipes (spread of Charm, Sleep or Fear)
    Grig |N |G |0.5 |Fey |MM |+3 |14 |SLAs (Most notable: Entangle, Self-Invisibility, Pyrotechnics), Compulsory dancing, Hide +18
    Nixie |N |N |01 |Fey |MM |+3 |18 |Charm Person 3/day
    Pixie |N |G |01 |Fey |MM |+4 |16 |Greater Invisibility, Flight, SLAs (most notable: Entangle, Permanent Image, Detect THoughts, Irresistable Dance), Arrows (Sleep and Memory loss effects)
    Elemental, Air |N |N |Varies |Elemental |MM |Varies |11 |Perfect flight 100ft, Whirlwind
    Belker |N |E |07 |Elemental |MM |+2 |11 |Smoke Form 20 rounds per day, Perfect flight 50ft
    Elemental, Earth |N |N |Varies |Elemental |MM |Varies |11 |Earth Glide
    Elemental, Fire |N |N |Varies |Elemental |MM |Varies |11 |Light things on fire
    Invisible Stalker |N |N |08 |Elemental |MM |+4 |11 |Natural Invisibility, Perfect flight 30ft
    Magmin |C |N |02 |Elemental |MM |+0 |10 |Light things on fire, Fiery Aura, Melt Weapons (all low DC)
    Thoqqua |N |N |03 |Elemental |MM |+2 |10 |Burrow, passive fire damage to creatures touching
    Elemental, Water |N |N |Varies |Elemental |MM |Varies |11 |Vortex, Swim 90ft
    Astral Deva |A |G |12 |Outsider |MM |+12 |20 |SLAs (Most notable: Heal, Blade Barrier, Dispel Magic, Plane Shift, Remove Fear, self-Invisibility, See Invisibility), Change Shape, Stun
    Dragon Turtle |N |N |12 |Dragon |MM |+9 |12 |Breath weapon, Capsize
    Naga, Dark |L |E |09 |Aberration |MM |+8 |17 |Spells (7th level Sorcerer), Detect Thoughts, Sleep poison
    Naga, Guardian |L |G |11 |Aberration |MM |+11 |18 |Spells (9th level Sorcerer, Good/Law domains), Con damage poison sting or spit
    Naga, Spirit |C |E |09 |Aberration |MM |+9 |17 |Spells (7th level Sorcerer, Chaos/Evil domians), Con damage poison, Charm Person gaze
    Naga, Water |N |N |07 |Aberration |MM |+8 |15 |Spells (7th level Sorcerer, no fire), Con damage poison, swim speed
    Ogre Mage |L |E |05 |Giant |MM |+3 |17 |Flight, Change Shape, Regeneration, SLAs (Most notable: Invisibility, Cone of Cold, Gaseous Form)
    Rakshasa |L |E |07 |Outsider |MM |+6 |17 |Spells (7th level Sorcerer), Change Shape, Bluff +21, Disguise +29, High DR/SR
    Vargouille |N |E |01 |Outsider |MM |+3 |8 |Turn peoples' heads into more Vargouilles, Area paralysis, Flight, +11 Hide, +7 Move Silently
    Bajang |C |E |06 |Fey |OA |+7 |15 |Alternate Form (small wildcat), SLAs (Most notable: Steam Breath, Divination, Transfix)
    Bisan |N |N |10 |Fey |OA |+9 |16 |SLAs (Most notable: Ethereal Jaunt, Hold Monster, Invisibility, self-Polymorph)
    Spirit Centipede |N |N |Varies |Outsider |OA |Varies |Varies |Alternate form (various small animals), Black Fog cloud (poison effect and obscured vision), good stealth skills
    Doc Co'o'c |N |N |10 |Outsider |OA |+11 |18 |SLAs (Most notable: Invisibility, Control Weather, Plane Shift)
    Dragon, Yu Lung |N |N |Varies |Dragon |OA |Varies |8 |Plane Shift, Blindsight, Swim 90ft
    Dragon, Chiang Lung |L |N |Varies |Dragon |OA |Varies |Varies |Invisibility, Plane Shift, Alternate Form (humanoid), Frightful Presence, flight 100ft, Cause Rain, SLAs (Most notable: Divination, Control Weather, Control Winds, miles-radius Control Water, self-Polymorph, Major Creation)
    Dragon, Li Lung |N |N |Varies |Dragon |OA |Varies |Varies |Invisibility, Plane Shift, Alternate Form (humanoid), Frightful Presence, flight 150ft, burrow 45ft, swim 40ft, tunneling, Deafening aura (no save), SLAs (Most notable: Earthquake, Move Earth, Wall of Stone, Disintegrate)
    Dragon, Lung Wang |N |N |Varies |Dragon |OA |Varies |Varies |Invisibility, Plane Shift, Alternate Form (humanoid), Frightful Presence, swim 60ft, Command fish and reptiles, Breath weapon, Capsize, SLAs (most notable: huge-radius Fog Cloud, Solid Fog, Suggestion)
    Dragon, Pan Lung |L |N |Varies |Dragon |OA |Varies |Varies |Invisibility, Plane Shift, Alternate Form (humanoid), Frightful Presence, flight 100ft, swim 60ft, Command fish and reptiles, constrict, minions (wrong-doing humans), SLAs (most notable: Major Image, Charm Monster, Silent Image, Mirage Arcana)
    Dragon, Shen Lung |L |N |Varies |Dragon |OA |Varies |Varies |Invisibility, Plane Shift, Alternate Form (humanoid), Frightful Presence, flight 100ft, swim 40ft, command fish and reptiles, vermin cannot approach, SLAs (most notable: Control Weather)
    Dragon, T'ien Lung |L |N |Varies |Dragon |OA |Varies |Varies |Invisibility, Plane Shift, Alternate Form (humanoid), Frightful Presence, flight 250-300ft, swim 30ft, breath weapon, control weather, SLAs (most notable: Pyrotechnics, Suggestion, Meteor Swarm)
    Dragon, Tun Mi Lung |N |E |Varies |Dragon |OA |Varies |Varies |Invisibility, Plane Shift, Alternate Form (humanoid), Frightful Presence, flight 250-300ft, Air and Water Immunity, create Hurricane 1/week, SLAs (most notable: Repulsion)
    Gaki, Jiki-Niku |C |E |03 |Undead |OA |+3 |14 |Invisibility, passwall, flight, alternate form (fine insect)
    Gaki, Shikki |C |E |05 |Undead |OA |+4 |10 |Invisibility, passwall, flight, alternate form (fine insect), nasty unhealable con damage disease, mushroom form
    Gaki, Shinen |C |E |04 |Undead |OA |+5 |12 |Invisibility, passwall, flight, alternate form (fine insect), catch things on fire
    Gaki, Jiki-Ketsu |C |E |08 |Undead |OA |+7 |15 |Invisibility, passwall, flight, alternate form (fine insect), blood drain like a weasel, hyponotism
    Hebi-No-Onna |L |E |14 |Monstrous Humanoid|OA |+12 |17 |Spells (14th level Sorcerer; Wu jen list), command snakes, hypnotic gaze
    Naga, Greensnake |L |N |01 |Humanoid |OA |+1 |11 |Poison (Con), Telepathy, Alternate Form (legged humanoid; female only)
    Naga, Chameleon |L |N |02 |Humanoid |OA |+0 |9 |Poison (Con), Telepathy, Alternate Form (legged humanoid; female only)
    Naga, Asp |L |N |03 |Humanoid |OA |+1 |9 |Spells (3rd level Shugenja), craft spell completion pearls, Poison (Con), Telepathy, Alternate Form (legged humanoid; female only)
    Naga, Cobra |L |N |03 |Humanoid |OA |+3 |11 |Huge, Improved Grab, Constrict, Poison, Telepathy, Alternate Form (legged humanoid; female only)
    Naga, Constrictor |L |N |04 |Humanoid |OA |+6 |13 |Poison, Telepathy, Alternate Form (legged humanoid; female only)
    Nat, Einsaung |C |G |02 |Fey |OA |+4 |13 |SLAs (most notably: Ethereal Jaunt, Discern Shapechanger, Detect Thoughts, Divination, Invisibility, Levitate, Magic Circle Against Evil, Passwall, self-Polymorph, Possess Animal, Possess)
    Nat, Hkum Yeng |N |N |04 |Fey |OA |+4 |13 |SLAs (most notably: Ethereal Jaunt, Discern Shapechanger, Detect Thoughts, Dispel Magic, Invisibility, Fieball, Levitate, Passwall, Possess Animal)
    Nat, Lu |C |E |08 |Fey |OA |+6 |11 |SLAs (most notably: Ethereal Jaunt, Discern Shapechanger, Detect Thoughts, Fire Shuriken, Invisibility, Levitate, Passwall, Possess Animal, Transfix)
    Nature Spirit |N |N |Varies |Fey |OA |Varies |Varies |SLAs (most notably: Plane Shift spirit world/material plane), self-Polymorph, Good scouting skills
    Oni, Common |N |E |08 |Giant |OA |+3 |13 |SLAs (most notably: Fly, Invisibility, self-Polymorph)
    Oni, Go-Zu |L |N |12 |Giant |OA |+6 |17 |See Invisibility, SLAs (most notably: Fire Shuriken, Fly, Invisibility, self-Polymorph), Regeneration
    Oni, Me-Zu |L |N |10 |Giant |OA |+10 |19 |Spells (10th level Wu Jen) True Seeing, Regeneration
    Shirokinu-Katsukami |L |G |12 |Outsider |OA |+13 |20 |SLAs (most notably: Astral Projection, Dream Sight, Invisibility, Gaseous Form, Dominate Monster, Heal, Raise Dead, free action Detect Thoughts/Detect Evil/Discern Shapechanger), Improved Grab
    Tsuno |L |E |08 |Monstrous Humanoid|OA |+9 |17 |Cone of Fear, SLAs (most notably: Dream Sight, Divination, Speak with Dead)
    Wang-Liang |L |E |06 |Giant |OA |+5 |17 |SLAs (most notably: Alter Self into humanoids, Invisibility, See Invisibility)
    Yuki-On-Na |C |E |08 |Fey |OA |+8 |19 |Paralyzing Gaze, SLAs (most notably Detect Thoughts)
    Naga, Banelar |L |E |07 |Aberration |SK |+8 |16 |Spells (6th level Cleric, Evil/Magic/Water domains AND 6th level Wizard), Con Poison
    Naga, Faerunian |C |E |24 |Aberration |SK |+24 |36 |Spells (21st level Sorcerer, Chaos/Evil domains), colossal, Charming Gaze, improved grab, constrict, 120ft flight, Con poison
    Naga, Iridescent |C |G |09 |Aberration |SK |+9 |17 |Spells (7th level Sorcerer), Hypnotic sway, sleep poison
    Naga, Nagahydra |N |N |18 |Aberration |SK |+17 |21 |Spells (15th level Sorcerer), Con poison, 7 heads can move and attack like a hydra (including combat reflexes)
    Banshee |N |E |26 |Undead |MM2 |+19 |17 |Incorporeal, Wail (mass save or die), Charisma drain, passive save-or-ability drain
    Crimson Death |N |E |13 |Undead |MM2 |+10 |14 |Incorporeal, Various grappling abilities
    Effigy |C |E |27 |Undead |MM2 |+20 |17 |Incorporeal, Energy Drain, Possession with attacks
    Jahi |L |E |25 |Undead |MM2 |+18 |18 |Incorporeal, Charisma drain, dominate person, Invest Charisma
    Jermaline |N |E |0.5 |Fey |MM2 |+5 |5 |Speak with rats, Decent scouting skills
    Ocean Strider |C |N |30 |Fey |MM2 |+23 |14 |SLAs (most notable: Elemental Swarm, Summon Nature's Ally IX, Fog Cloud)
    Sirine |C |N |04 |Fey |MM2 |+7 |17 |Charming song, Intelligence damage, SLAs (self-Polymorph, Greater Invisibility, Fog Cloud)
    Spirit of the Land |N |N |20 |Fey |MM2 |+16 |25 |Incorporeal, at-will SLAs (most notable: Control Weather, Control Winds, Incendiary Cloud, Sleet Storm, Solid Fog, Wall of Stone, Whirlwind)
    Breathdrinker |C |E |08 |Elemental |MM2 |+3 |14 |Free action Invisibility, Paralyzing gaze, Con damage attack, Perfect flight 80ft
    Elemental Weird |N |N |15 |Elemental |MM2 |+11 |22 |Spells (18th level Sorcerer, plus 2 domains), Pool of Nasty Effects and Elemental summoning, Free action SLAs (Foresight, True Seeing, Contact other Plane, Greater Scrying, Detect Thoughts); Air, Earth, Fire and Water varieties
    Fire Bat |N |E |06 |Elemental |MM2 |+0 |5 |120ft blindsight, regeneration, flight, decent scout skills, light things on fire
    Galeb Duhr |N |N |08 |Elemental |MM2 |+7 |12 |300 ft Tremorsense, SLAs (notable: Stone Shape, Passwall, Wall of Stone)
    Immoth |N |N |10 |Elemental |MM2 |+4 |21 |Spells (12th level Sorcerer), create free action-activation spell trigger items, Paralysis poison
    Stone Spike |N |N |03 |Elemental |MM2 |+1 |11 |Nothing
    Tempest |C |N |24 |Elemental |MM2 |+8 |17 |Gargantuan Size, Flight, Whirlwind
    Deathshrieker |C |E |18 |Undead |MM3 |+15 |20 |Incorporeal, Passive save-or-paralyze, Area of effect deafness/stun/insanity, negative level area burst on death, charisma drain attack
    Ephemeral Swarm |C |E |12 |Undead |MM3 |+8 |18 |Incorporeal, swarm, Strength damage
    Glaistig |C |N |06 |Fey |MM3 |+9 |19 |Beguiling Song, Con drain on grapple, SLAs (most notable: Suggestion, Fog Cloud)
    Petal |N |G |01 |Fey |MM3 |+2 |18 |Sleep Songs, flight, decent stealth skills
    Ragewalker |N |E |22 |Fey |MM3 |+15 |24 |Rebuke living spells, force nearby creatures to Rage, SLAs (most notable: Quickened Empowered Blade Barrier)
    Redcap |C |E |04 |Fey |MM3 |+5 |13 |Kill things to Quickly advance HD, strength, natural armor, DR.
    Shimmerling Swarm |C |N |11 |Fey |MM3 |+11 |18 |Swarm, passive area fascinate effect, perfect flight 50ft, decent scout skills, +36 hide
    Splinterwaif |N |E |02 |Fey |MM3 |+5 |16 |Animate brambles, transform bodies into plants, sneak attack, decent stealth skills (large bonuses while immobile)
    Thorn |N |G |06 |Fey |MM3 |+5 |13 |Sleep arrows, sneak attack, decent stealth skills
    Rakshasa, Ak'Chazar |L |E |17 |Outsider |MM3 |+14 |22 |Spells (12th level Sorcerer), Excellent social skills, Change Shape (humanoids), Rebuke Undead, SLAs (most notable: Animate Dead, Control Undead, Magic Jar), High DR/SR
    Rakshasa, Naztharune |L |E |11 |Outsider |MM3 |+7 |15 |High social skills, Change Shape, High DR, Free action Detect Thoughts, Hide in Plain Sight (Su), Sneak attack
    Chraal |N |E |09 |Elemental |MM3 |+5 |14 |Some minor cold damage effects
    Cinder Swarm |N |E |16 |Elemental |MM3 |+7 |11 |Swarm, flight, light things on fire
    Elemental, Storm |N |N |Varies |Elemental |MM3 |Varies |11 |Sonic, electric and nonlethal blasting, perfect flight 40ft.
    Omnimental |N |N |32 |Elemental |MM3 |+12 |11 |Creates four huge elementals on death, perfect flight 50ft, swim 50ft.
    Joystealer |N |E |06 |Fey |MM4 |+6 |19 |Incorporeal, Charisma drain, Sense Emotions
    Lunar Ravager |C |E |14 |Fey |MM4 |+11 |8 |SLAs (most notable: Air Walk, Faerie Fire, self-Invisibility)
    Verdant Prince |N |E |16 |Fey |MM4 |+17 |21 |Non-Mind Effect Geas-type power, SLAs (most notable: Baleful polymorph, Repel metal or stone, Wall of Thorns)
    Black Rock Triskelion |N |E |26 |Elemental |MM4 |+11 |8 |Big numbers, tremorsense 60ft, burrow 20ft, passive defenses.
    Cyclonic Ravager |N |E |26 |Elemental |MM4 |+11 |16 |Perfect flight 90 ft, area push effects, big offensive numbers
    Holocaust Disciple |N |E |26 |Elemental |MM4 |+21 |22 |Heat-based fatigue aura, perfect flight 40ft, big offensive numbers
    Waterveiled Assassin |N |E |26 |Elemental |MM4 |+13 |12 |Move through permeable objects, Engulf medium creatures, Swim 60ft
    Inferno Spider |N |N |14 |Elemental |MM4 |+6 |11 |Entangling touch attack with fire damage rider effect, fire damage poison, climb 40ft
    Rakshasa, Naityan |N |E |09 |Outsider |ToB |+9 |18 |Low-level stances and maneuvers, Decent social skills, change shape, continual detect thoughts
    Bridge Haunt |N |E |12 |Undead |MM5 |+9 |19 |Incorporeal, SLAs (Mass Suggestion, Mirage Arcana), big push effects on attacks, dies more than 1000 feet from a bridge
    Forest Haunt |N |E |12 |Undead |MM5 |+13 |16 |Incorporeal, Cause plants to attack and grapple targets, Daunting Presence, Charisma damage
    Taunting Haunt |C |N |06 |Undead |MM5 |+5 |15 |Incorporeal, SLAs (most notable: Fear, Glibness, Invisibility), force creatures to say the opposite of what they mean, decent social skill/knowledges
    Banshrae |C |E |15 |Fey |MM5 |+11 |20 |Disabling swift action area mind effects, various ranged attacks, respectable scout skills
    Frostwind Virago |N |E |30 |Fey |MM5 |+22 |20 |Will-based disablement aura, high-DC captivation effect, high scout skills
    Ruin Chanter |C |N |20 |Fey |MM5 |+15 |25 |Bardic music (as 12th level bard), At-will confusion and physical ability penalty effects, perfect flight 40ft.
    Shaedling |C |E |04 |Fey |MM5 |+5 |16 |Create items as a swift action, flight 60ft, middling proficiency with rogue skills, a couple 1/day combat powers (a wall and a sleep attack)
    Master of the Wild Hunt |C |N |32 |Fey |MM5 |+28 |35 |Archery DPS, Perfect flight 60ft, constant freedom of movement, swift phantom steed
    Ruin Elemental |N |N |14 |Elemental |MM5 |+6 |7 |Swift action bull rushes against landbound enemies
    Lesser Spawn of Jubilex |C |E |08 |Elemental |MM5 |+3 |10 |Transform into sludge, blindsense 60ft
    Greater Spawn of Jubilex|C |E |11 |Elemental |MM5 |+5 |10 |Frighten nearby creatures away, transform into sludge, blindsense 60ft
    Elder Spawn of Jubilex |C |E |16 |Elemental |MM5 |+7 |12 |Frighten nearby creatures away, transform into sludge, blindsense 60ft
    Bhut |N |E |08 |Undead |FF |+5 |20 |Incorporeal, passive area strength damage, high Wis damage poison, possess humanoid corpses
    Fossergrim |N |N |05 |Fey |FF |+6 |18 |Constant true strike if an enemy is in its river, dies if it leaves its waterfall
    Kelpie |C |E |10 |Fey |FF |+10 |14 |SLA (most notable: Detect Thoughts, Charm Person)
    Living Holocaust |C |E |15 |Elemental |FF |+10 |15 |Perfect flight 50ft, Gaseous, Whirlflame, various applications of fire damage
    Oread |L |N |07 |Fey |FF |+6 |16 |SLAs (most notable: Charm monster, move earth, earthquake), burrow 30ft, dies if it leaves its mountain
    Shadar-Kai |N |E |03 |Fey |FF |+4 |9 |Hide in Plain Sight (Su), good sneak in darkness
    Spriggan |C |V |05 |Fey |FF |+3 |11 |Decent stealth skills, small/large sizes, sneak attack
    Dust Twitter |N |N |04 |Elemental |Sand |+1 |11 |Decent land speed
    Caller from the Deeps |N |E |09 |Elemental |Storm |+4 |14 |Minor Con damage on every grapple, Improved Grab, Constrict, summon large hell-shark or medium elemental 1/hour
    Nereid |C |N |03 |Fey |Storm |+4 |16 |SLAs (most notable: Control Water, Control Currents, Wall of Ice), drown with touch attack (DC 16 save or die), swim 40ft, speak with animals
    Domovoi |C |G |02 |Fey |Frost |+6 |16 |SLAs (most notable: Pyrotechnics' smoke cloud), passable stealth skills
    Elemental Weird |N |N |15 |Elemental |Frost |+11 |22 |Spells (18th level Sorcerer, plus domains), Pool of Nasty Effects and Elemental summoning, Free action SLAs (Foresight, True Seeing, Contact other Plane, Greater Scrying, Detect Thoughts); Air, Earth, Fire and Water varieties
    Rimefire Eidolon |C |G |12 |Fey |Frost |+11 |22 |SLAs (most notable: Ice Shape, See Invisibility, Wall of Ice, Entomb), Ice Glide, Perfect flight 120ft, Tremorsense, dies if it leaves its Iceberg, oddly strong social skills
    Rulsalka |C |N |02 |Fey |Frost |+5 |18 |Passable scouting skills, Beguiling song, drowns after leaving a specific body of water
    Vodyanoi |C |N |05 |Fey |Frost |+6 |11 |Summon concealing cloud of fish, Control Water, Swim 60ft, Decent scouting and bluffing skills
    Yuki-On-Na |C |N |08 |Fey |Frost |+8 |19 |Paralyzing glance, good scouting and bluffing skills, Detect thoughts
    Crypt Chanter |C |E |07 |Undead |LM |+7 |20 |Incorporeal, Dazing/Enthralling/Negative level music, Create Spawn, good scout skills
    Dream Vestige |C |E |17 |Undead |LM |+19 |20 |Incorporeal, Aura of Desecration, tedrils of Intelligence drain, Frightful presence, self-spawn, good scout skills
    Murk |C |E |03 |Undead |LM |+4 |12 |Incorporeal, Wisdom damage, Negative levels to 0 Wis creatures, Create spawn
    Quell |L |E |05 |Undead |LM |+6 |15 |Incorporeal, decent scouting skills, deactivate divine casters with turn undead check (more quells make success more likely)
    Spectral Lyrist |C |E |06 |Undead |LM |+7 |17 |Incorporeal, Bardic Fascinate/Suggestion, Disguise Self, Charisma Drain
    Voidwraith |N |E |06 |Undead |LM |+6 |15 |Incorporeal, nearby creatures must hold breath, Con drain with touch
    Faun |C |N |01 |Fey |D&D |+1 |8 |Tougher DC on magical pipes
    Rakshasa, Zakya |L |E |07 |Outsider |ECS |+6 |11 |Continual Detect Thoughts, Change Shape, Decent Social skills, SLAs (most notably Vampiric Touch), Feats as 7th level Fighter
    Fire Spectre |C |E |05 |Undead |Ghost |+4 |14 |Incorporeal, minor breath weapon, catch things on fire
    Spectral Steed |N |E |04 |Undead |Ghost |+6 |10 |Incorporeal, negative level bite, 1/day Negative level charge,
    Hoarfroster |N |E |16 |Fey |web |+10 |17 |Incorporeal, crappy breath weapon, fatiguing touch
    Stormrider |N |N |08 |Fey |web |+8 |15 |SLAs (most notable: Control Weather, Hallucinatory Terrain), flight
    Caliento |N |N |06 |Fey |web |+5 |13 |Decent stealth and spot, light things on fire
    Bile Wrapped in Beauty |N |E |08 |Fey |web |+6 |16 |Constant Reflective Disguise, acid damage to anything touching it - especially weapons
    Sleeping Blossom Sprites|N |N |10 |Fey |web |+6 |21 |Swarm, perfect flight 40ft, good scout skills, Deep Slumber swarm attack (10 HD cap)
    Siabrie |C |N |15 |Fey |web |+12 |25 |Touch turns creatures to sand (decent Fort DC), SLAs (most notable: Shapechange, Control Winds, Whirlwind, Control Weather, Wall of Stone, Word of Recall, Greater Dispel, Faerie Fire), Perfect flight 120ft, regeneration, high UMD
    Rime Sprite |C |N |0.5 |Fey |web |+4 |18 |SLAs (most notable: Minor Image, Entangle, Obscuring Mist), Perfect flight 80ft, swim 60ft, Marginal scouting and diplomacy skills
    Brine Naga |N |E |18 |Aberration |web |+17 |22 |Spells (14th level Sorcerers, SOrcerer/Druid lists), move action area-sicken effect, Strength poison (3d6), unarmed/light-armed attackers must save-or-nauseate, swim 40ft
    Unseelie Nymph |N |E |03 |Fey |web |+5 |19 |Passive Charm aura, kill wildlife in circle - +150ft radius per week, passable social skills, marginal scouting
    Leanan Sidhe |N |N |02 |Fey |web |+5 |18 |Grant +10 insight to someone's perform or craft skill, subsequently can impose -10 penalty and subject suffers from uncurable supernatural disease if creative craft or perfom not executed daily, marginal social and scouting skills
    Nuchlavis |N |E |12 |Fey |web |+8 |4 |Decent scout skills, swim 50ft, improved grab, stench
    Malgoren |L |E |19 |Fey |web |+13 |12 |Frightful presence, Earth Glide, Improved Grab/Rend, good scout skills
    Dreamfane |N |N |11 |Fey |web |+10 |19 |Incorporeal, Imperceptable to creatures that cannot dream, PLAs (notable: Dispel Psionics +17, Brain lock, Crisis of Breath, Death Urge), Gaze attack of -4 penalty to attacks/saves/skills
    Usunag |C |N |10 |Fey |web |+10 |23 |Good scout skills, PLAs (notable: Psionic Suggestion, Crisis of Breath, Death Urge), Gaseous, nauseate creatures in its space, Sunlight suppresses psionics
    Gloura |N |G |07 |Fey |Und |+9 |17 |Spells (7th level Bard), flight
    Grue, Chaggrin |N |E |03 |Elemental |CArc |+1 |8 |Burrow, sneak attack
    Grue, Harginn |N |E |03 |Elemental |CArc |+1 |8 |Constant blur, crappy fire damage cone
    Grue, Ildriss |N |E |03 |Elemental |CArc |+1 |8 |Natural Invisibility, Perfect flight 40ft
    Grue, Vardigg |N |E |03 |Elemental |CArc |+1 |8 |Minor blast/knockdown attack Swim 60ft
    Elemental Monolith |N |N |36 |Elemental |CArc |+16 |17 |As typical elementals for their type, but Gargantuaner; Great perception skills
    Elemental Steward, Arctine|N |N |03 |Elemental |CPsi |+1 |12 |PLAs (most notable: Psionic Grease), swim 20ft
    Elemental Steward, Emberling|N |N |03 |Elemental |CPsi |+3 |12 |PLAs (most notable: Matter agitation), set things on fire
    Elemental Steward, Geodite|N |N |03 |Elemental |CPsi |+1 |12 |PLAs (most notable: Create Sound), Burrow 10ft
    Elemental Steward, Tempastan|N |N |03 |Elemental |CPsi |+1 |12 |PLAs (most notable: Control Air), Perfect flight 30ft
    Elementite Swarm |N |N |07 |Elemental |PlH |+2 |11 |Swarm, major abilities typical for their type
    Paraelemental, Ice |N |N |Varies |Elemental |MoP |Varies |11 |Chill metal, bonus cold damage
    Paraelemental, Magma |N |N |Varies |Elemental |MoP |Varies |11 |Catch things on fire
    Paraelemental, Ooze |N |N |Varies |Elemental |MoP |Varies |11 |Acid burns through metal and wood like crazy, Swim 50ft
    Paraelemental, Smoke |N |N |Varies |Elemental |MoP |Varies |11 |Fly 90ft
    Elemental, Shadow |N |N |Varies |Elemental |ToM |Varies |11 |Incorporeal, blindsense
    Earth Whisper |N |E |04 |Elemental |RoS |+3 |18 |Incorporeal, Dex Damage, SLAs (most notable: Stone Shape at will, Wall of Stone), Supernatural Mind effects with lowish DCs (fear and violence)
    Forgewraith |C |E |12 |Undead |Sharn |+10 |19 |Incorporeal, Dex drain, create spawn, SLAs (most notable: 1/day Enervation)
    Bane Wraith |C |E |08 |Undead |HoH |+8 |18 |Incorporeal, Extraordinary familiarity with nearby creatures and all their loved ones, Wis or Str drain, create spawn
    Bog Imp |L |E |04 |Fey |HoH |+6 |12 |Good stealth skills, fast burrow through land or marshes, claw attacks sicken, force save-or-sink in swamps or muck, force any liquids nearby to become noxious, lots of immunities
    Elemental, Taint |C |E |Varies |Elemental |HoH |Varies |15 |Move action teleport 3/day, taint rider effect on slams, Good scout skills (especially for an elemental)
    Grey Jester |N |E |08 |Fey |HoH |+6 |17 |Hideous Laughter as an attack action at will, mass charisma drain, moderate UMD ranks
    Wraith, Sea |C |E |05 |Undead |W:CoS |+5 |18 |Incorporeal undead with engulf attack, the worst strength damage there is.
    Naga, Bright |C |E |05 |Aberration |Minis |+6 |12 |One level 1 Sorcerer/wizard spell as an SLA, crappy combat stats. Dreadful.
    Cursed Spirit |C |E |03 |Undead |Minis |+2 |13 |Incorporeal, no-save save-debuffing aura
    Magma Hurler |C |E |04 |Elemental |Minis |+4 |11 |Weak combatant with a relatively high-damage ranged attack, little utility
    Walking Wall |L |N |06 |Elemental |Minis |+5 |10 |Weak melee combatant that can spend actions just to crank its AC up.[/table]

    Spirit Folk |A |G |Humanoid |OA |Various nature themed abilities; Bamboo, river and sea varieties
    Jaebrin |C |N |Fey |MM5 |Fey race with big teeth, drain will with their bites
    Feytouched |C |V |Fey |FF |Fey-humanoid hybrids with charming SLAs
    Spirit Folk |N |G |Humanoid |UE |Various nature themed abilities; mountain and river varieties
    Uldra |C |N |Fey |Frost |Darkvison 120ft, cold resistance
    Killorean |N |N |Fey |RotW |Change focus on a daily basis between hourly smites, scout skill bonuses and knowledge (nature)
    Duskling |N |N |Fey |MoI |Essentia, speed boost with essentia investment[/table]

    Ghost |A |A |Undead |MM |Incorporeal, Ghost abilities one to three of: Charisma damage gaze, ability draining touch, area fear attack, possession, Telekinesis
    Spectral Creature |A |A |Undead |DoF |Incorporeal, Energy Drain, Create Spawn, Powerless in sunlight
    Spectral Savant | | |Undead |CPsi |Incorporeal, humanoid-only, high AC, energy drain and PP/PLA-draining touch attacks
    Half-Fey |C |A |Fey |FF |Butterfly wings and a bunch of SLAs
    Wendigo |C |E |Fey |FF |Perfect flight 120ft, Charisma to AC, Regeneration, Wind Walk, infect other creatures with Wendigo template
    Orglash |C |N |Elemental |UE |Apply to Elemental (Air) creatures, Cone of cold at CL=HD, flight speed, Native elemental
    Telthor |N |N |Fey |UE |Incorporeal, slowly dies as it leaves its guarded location, Wild empathy
    Thomil |C |N |Elemental |UE |Apply to Elemental (Earth) creatures, engulf smaller creatures, Native elemental
    Mirage Mullah |A |A |Fey |Sand |SLAs (most notable: Minor Image; Confusion, Suggestion, Major Image with high Cha), weakens if it leaves its Oasis
    Frostfell Ghost |A |A |Undead |Frost |Incorporeal, One to three of: Con Damage+Slow Ray, area of cold damage and disease, Cold touch attack
    Spirit Animal |N |N |Fey |Frost |Incorporeal, applies to animals only
    Ghost Brute |N |N |Undead |LM |Incorporeal, applies to low-charisma plants and beasts, one of: Area fear effect, appear 2 sizes larger for 10 minutes a day, extra damage on bites
    Umbral |C |E |Undead |LM |Incorporeal, applies to monsters with decent charisma, Strength damage based on creature size, Create Spawn
    Element (Air) |N |N |Elemental |MoP |Perfect flight 100ft, dex boost, flyby attack
    Element (Earth) |N |N |Elemental |MoP |Tremorsense, Burrow 20ft
    Element (Fire) |N |N |Elemental |MoP |Catch things on fire
    Element (Water) |N |N |Elemental |MoP |Drench, Swim 90ft
    Element (Cold) |N |N |Elemental |MoP |Extra cold damage, spiderclimb on ice
    Element (Wood) |N |N |Elemental |MoP |Plant immunities, automatically sense anything in contact with vegetation[/table]
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