Gaalys Merrin

Aliases: A man has many names.

Race: Human

Age: 32

Alignment: Neutral

Profession: Assassin

Description: Gaalys is a man of short and slender build, and is very agile. Currently, he has a narrow face with long white-yellow hair tied back with a leather band. His eyes are green, and his nose is prominent and hooked. Half of his left ear has been cut off.

Personality: Gaalys is a very friendly man, quick to smile and forgive. He enjoys buying drinks for anyone he deems fit, which helps win him over to his targets. He rarely drinks, though, to keep his head clear. While he doesn't know many jokes, he laughs easily and always will take up a song.

Equipment: Gaalys' best weapons are his wits and special abilities. However, he carries a long slender saber and a simple, easily concealed dagger.

Abilities: Face Changing- As one of the Faceless Men of Braavos, Gaalys can change his face with just the pass of his hand. This is very useful when he is avoiding detection while on a job. Any face and name he has is temporary.

Agility- Growing up in the narrow canals and alleys of Braavos, Gaalys has developed impeccable footing in the most unsure situations.