various thoughts of the adventure
- all in all a great score on fun.

- i think it was seperated to 3 sections: down from the crash to the village, investigations up to the Centraur forest, and the last part of finding the hag.

i liked the second part the most- it had the mostopportunities for roleplay, interaction and options of play. the last bit was fun, but a bit linear to my taste- a series of obstacles (i do this as well sometime as a DM unfortunately)

- the final battles: the hag was won due to impressive rolls and action economy, i think that on hind sight, it would have been cool to do with the basilisk (or some minions?) but i'm the last to talk about finalbattles (see the Fury, Devourer and Aboleth from the previous campaign). this is a fine art.

as to fighting Alex and her troops. initially i don't think we cared so much, but after her speech? people were vying to kill her. so that may have been a bit of a miss, but i also liked how we could circumvent this battle to get to a different results. when we get back to the campaign, it just builds up some antagonists even more (Alex and Shaina)

-living NPCs: at the end we all remembered who is Mike and Judith. they stuck nicely in our memories even after such a long break.

- one of the main strengths of the campaign came from characters NOT getting together, but players knowing how to play it to allow each other to express themselves (especially Lynn- Killpi- Glimji) i'd like to preserve that, preserve a "gentleman's conflict"

what's next?
I'm Dming, a pirate campaign! more of a sandbox thing, very central themed, with some hopefully nifty houserules. Teal'c player won't play (she likes the game, hates learning it). and if i have time i will write a campaign log, though probably less detailed than this one- i won't have time running notes, i'll be DMing...

if you enjoyed, please say! if not- please say! if you have questions or anything- please say! (enough hints? )