And now a few thoughts on the PRC: First, this class does not seem to increase EBL. This means that it is dependent on either having a binder in the party, or a friendly NPC binder willing to sacrifice a few of her pacts. Additionally, considering that the number of Invocations someone can have are keyed off of hit dice now, instead of will save, Soul Vessel now does nothing.

More important is the whole 'sacrifice your pacts' thing. Lets use a level 7 party with a Nomadic Soul and a Binder. The Nomadic Soul will want as many souls bound to it as possible, and he could, at the very least, hold 7 souls, assuming Soul Vessel isn't changed so that does something. If I do understand the Binder's pacts, this would take up all but two of the Binder's pacts from being level seven. While they exist to be used, and there is a feat to gain more, and you do get some pacts from having a high Int, this leaves very few for use with Deeds, Enchantment, or any other use of pacts*. This also assumes that there is indeed a Binder in the party willing and able to provide soul bindings. Without a Binder in the party, than it becomes much harder to gain more bound souls.

It might be a good idea to have Nomadic Soul levels count as Binder levels for the purpose of EBL. Or is that supposed to already be the case, with +caster level also adding to EBL? I recall that the prior version of Nomadic Soul required you to lack the ability to be able to bind souls, but you seem to have dropped that.

On an unrelated note, is the Anima portal supposed to be a one-way affair? Because from the wording of it, if you do not have alternative means to escape Anima, you will not be able to leave.

On yet another note, it might a good idea to give Binders the ability to end their own pacts, preferably either for free, or at least less than the cost of breaking someone else's pact.

*The Nomadic Soul is going to continue to want more souls bound to it, and its max number of souls bound is growing roughly as fast as the Binder's number of pacts.