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    Default Re: [Nexus] AMEN XLIV: Beware Falling Flowers

    Quote Originally Posted by Reinholdt View Post
    Ilpholin's Office - Scar

    No six foot trophies at all.

    "I run this organization, yes. I'm Ilpholin. My second in command is Magtok, a cyborg." Pretty much the only one they got, so hard to confuse.

    "The process is fairly simple. You'll fill out this membership form," Ilpholin says, sliding a form over. They can be found in the first post. "Then I'll conduct an interview. After that, you're on a sort of probationary membership during which we'll do a more thorough background check. After which I'll decide if you become a full member or not."
    Ilpholin's Partyroom Office - Scarwoman Timeline

    Upon finding out that Ilpholin is The Leader, the woman with a scar on her left face makes a suggestion. "You know, you should probably hire a new interior decorator. I mean, you don't even have a six-foot trophy or anything like that. How can anyone know that it's your office if there isn't one?" This is based on the assumption that every supreme leader has a "World's Best Leader" six-foot tall trophy, made from the world-famous Nexus Trophy Makers' Business.

    Returning to seriousness, she looks down at the entry form, and starts filling it out with a Number 2 pencil that she had, just in case. Frequently, she pauses and thinks, tapping the pencil on her lips, and sometimes erasing something, as her player debates if it would be cooler for her to successfully join AMEN, or for her to fail heinously.

    Finally, after some time, she gives the form back, filled up.

    Name: Harley Martinez Zorzo
    Age: Way too old Pretty young 357.3, due to being immortal
    Sex: F
    Species: Evil Shapeshifter
    Profession: Assassin Dancer Ex-Assassin
    Reason for joining AMEN: <Really long paragraph, all erased and scratched out, because it can all be summed up in 5 words>No good deed goes unpunished.
    Special skills/items you believe will aid/have decided to contribute to AMEN:Shapeshifting/Camouflage, ability to teleport at random into other realms*, other similar reconnaissance abilities
    And I can light myself on fire at will.
    References (Victims preferred):Nothing recent. I guess you could contact my mother or my father or my older sister. <Has contact information, including an Abyssal address for each of them, though the older sister's address is intentionally in a very slanted cursive and, thus, harder to read.>
    Past Experience: If it interests you, please ask in person, as I can't decide whether this means "Backstory" or "Other related jobs".
    Other Information: Due to some long-winded reason and a curse, I have been physically unable to kill anyone for the past while. Thusly, "Ex-Assassin".
    Also, I cannot shapeshift away my scars. I've already tried. So, my shapeshifting disguises don't work on heroes (or anybody) who "does their homework", unless I wear a mask.
    * Other realms most frequently mean the Spirit Realm, the Shadow Realm, the Mortal Realm, the Magicless Realm, and the Flaming Snowmen Realm

    And now I have decided that either way would be cool, whether she makes it in or not, because both would have nice plots.
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