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    Think of "Fighter vs Wizard" as "Bear vs Human". A wizard who prepares only blasting spells is the equivalent of a human attacking a bear with his bare hands in the middle of an open field. An optimised wizard is the equivalent of a human who attacks a bear while it's asleep, from a stealth helicopter armed with heat-seeking missiles, while wearing powered armor designed to outfight bears, calls in some soldiers for assistance, has a tracking device already planted on the bear, and contaminates every source of food and water near the bear with a poison which affects only bears. Oh, and the helicopter is a drone that he's controlling from the other side of the planet.

    If you bring in splatbooks then an optimised bear becomes twice as large and has acid claws, while an optimised human gets a laser gun mounted on his helicopter. It still doesn't change the odds.

    A class with UMD as a class skill, by the way, is the equivalent of a bear with opposable thumbs.
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