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    {Melody's Island Beach}

    Quote Originally Posted by McBish View Post
    Derek will pull the dinghy even farther up the beach to make sure it doesn't get washed away, and then grabs his bag out of it. He offers her his arm to hold for the walk back.

    "I'm glad to hear it."
    Jezebelle takes Derek's arm and walks with him back to the cottage.

    They may see Melody talking to Vincent and Caroline. They seem to be just standing there, looking at each other.

    Jezebelle turns to look Derek in the eyes. Well, this is where we part ways, for the night.

    {Melody's Island- Near Cottage}

    Quote Originally Posted by Reinholdt View Post
    "Let's do that soup game thing." Vincent says. Kinda pointless to argue her back into it and then ditch her for the fishing game.
    Well not pointless so much as mean and cruel.
    List of Games
    1. Fishing Game: Catch as many fish as you can, in one minute. The more you catch, the better the prize.
    2. Vegetable Patch Pitch: Two player game. One player picks the vegetables, the other catches them in a basket. The more you catch, the better the prize.
    3. Feed the Refugees: Two player game. One player stirs the kettle, adding the right ingredients, while the other player serves the food. The more refugees you feed, without making them sicker, the better the prize.

    Rules for Feed the Refugees
    Player 1: Create soups from a limited amount of ingredients. Some ingredients go together better than others.
    Tuna x 4
    Salmon x 2
    Octopus x 2
    Beef x 2
    Onions x 4
    Carrots x 4
    Potatoes x 4
    Cabbage x 6
    Salt x 6
    Pepper x 4
    Garlic x 4

    Once the soup is done cooking, carry the kettle of soup to the Refugees. It's heavy, so be careful. Each soup will make enough for 5 refugees.

    If you spill it, press 'A' as fast as you can, to turn it back upright. For every two seconds it's on it's side, it loses one serving.

    Player 2: Once the kettle is at the serving site, Player 2 must scoop it into bowls. He can carry up to three bowls of soup at a time, but the more you carry, the harder it becomes to keep your balance.

    The more soup you spill, the less full the refugees become. This could be a good thing, if the soup is bad.

    Carry the bowl(s) to the refugees and press 'A' (left hand), 'B' (right hand), or 'X' (head) to give the refugee his bowl. If you choose an empty hand, you slap the refugee. If you choose the head, and no hand is free, the soup spills on the refugee.
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