Just browsing on my smart(ish) phone so no full peach right now...the cranky old man shall have to survive another few hours before his peaches and cream!

However, couple of quick things...Angst has no action listed, I'd assume it would probably be standard + lose psionic focus, but it's not mentioned.

Secondly, I really like the class, it would fit nicely into my current mid-cataclysm campaign since the group were petrified just before the whole affair started and are SERIOUSLY out of touch/time with the world! The flavour is cool, but I'd personally say you'd be better served by generalising the fluff on 5th level and only specifying for your character with regards to his relevant setting.

Also, consider making the requirements access to 1st level powers, but not just psionic warrior ones, this class could offer a lot to many psion/other gishes too.

May I also suggest, since they need some love anyhow, that you offer an ACF which replaces the +1 manifester level part with stacking for soulknife abilities instead, waiving the 1st level powers requirement in favour of 'psionic character'...

Feel free to ponder/ignore/develop any of the above, it's all just my opinion anyhow!

Shall peach when time becomes available...he can wait just a little longer, right?