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How about reinforced boxes where we can see there are indeed rivets?
That does help make the case for oak or other hardwoods, as you have to drill holes in any case, but still bear in mind it's significantly easier to hand-drill soft woods, as well as cut them (which you have to, in all three dimensions, to make the planks).

I rest my case that any one let loose in an ancient mixed forest with rudimentary medieval-ish tools (handsaw, hammer, nails... and hand-drill) and the mandate to build a sturdy box isn't likely at all to willfully pick oak.

That's starting to look like a thread hijack, so if you want to eventually let it rest, we can, especially seeing how it doesn't change the MitD-related argument at all.

Irrelevant. I also could not use a sword for more than a minute without my arms giving up from the exertion or wear armour for an hour without dropping to my knees in exhaustion. Modern humans have gone soft since we developed electric tools and no longer have to work sunrise to sundown to feed ourselves. By the same measure, middle age people could not readily digest food that would have been common 100000 years before them thanks to advanced cooking techniques allowing them to move beyond eating raw stuff.
Fine, but in this case we're comparing two scenarios in which the same non-modern humans are the ones doing the work. One is easy work, the other hard work.

Yes, the "hard work" for them is less hard than it would be for you, but it doesn't change the fact that it's STILL hard work.