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    Default Re: MitD VI: The Undiscovered Creature (Please Read the First Post)

    well, it is like logic in language science; you learn some valuable things, but there are limits to what it can do.
    Likewise by digging deep into the rules. This is a comic after all, and primarily obeys thosw rules. Note that it does not need to follow the DnD rules, except when it is something visible, and then it only need to have a plausible DnD rule explanation.

    Does the giant bother checking MitD's stats when it comes to the Escape scene or the circus scene?
    Well, does he even bother to keep precise stats for MitD? To tell the comic he only need to keep faith to the nature of the monster, not the stats in the rules. "Uber strong" is good enough for a writer and artist. "Str. 30", otoh, is for the rpg player. Or to put it another way, would he bother writing out the complete character sheets for every character in the comic when he would gain very little doing so? i think Giant follow the law of least resistance and only keep notes the most important traits of characters and creatures.
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