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    Default Re: MitD VI: The Undiscovered Creature (Please Read the First Post)

    Quote Originally Posted by Hardcore View Post
    Well, does he even bother to keep precise stats for MitD? To tell the comic he only need to keep faith to the nature of the monster, not the stats in the rules. "Uber strong" is good enough for a writer and artist. "Str. 30", otoh, is for the rpg player. Or to put it another way, would he bother writing out the complete character sheets for every character in the comic when he would gain very little doing so? i think Giant follow the law of least resistance and only keep notes the most important traits of characters and creatures.
    This is quite possibly true. However the thing to remember is that this thread has it's own set of assumptions (that I'm probably going to mangle now).
    1. Rich said the MitD can be worked out before the reveal from clues given in the comic.
    2. Rich would not say this and then play so loose with the rules that it is NOT possible.
    3. Because of 1 and 2 we have to assume we can apply DnD rules to strips with the MitD in them unless it is shown otherwise as is the case with the tower scene.

    Note that any or all of these could be false but we assume they are true because otherwise this thread is just straight up guessing. Without assumptions like these there is no way we can actually work out what the MitD is through logic.

    Once again, I may have got the assumptions wrong or missed some.

    Edit: Ninja'd by GW. Also, I should note that our assumptions may be outdated since Rich may have given up on following the rules with the MitD although I would hope he'd come and put us out of our misery if that was the case.
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