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Edit: Ninja'd by GW. Also, I should note that our assumptions may be outdated since Rich may have given up on following the rules with the MitD although I would hope he'd come and put us out of our misery if that was the case.
While this could be true, and I too hope he wouldn't do it, I have to add that the cart scene, like everything else in SoD, likely was far more thought out as a clue about MitD than any other appearance in the comic. Probably not as thought out as the hunter scene or the circus scene (the two most MitD-central moments in the whole comic) but still, not something I am comfortable just brushing under the carpet of "playing loose with the rules".


In a completely unrelated news, we now have evidence that carbosilicate amorphs can in fact interact with technology, just as the thread postulated to explain the teraport-based escape:

I still think that the carb-amorph is an extremely long shot, but you can't beat it for fitting the FBS.

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