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On the matter of Red Cloak's Strength, we don't really know it.

8 is the assumed amount on the forums because his strength score is never really called into question, since as has been noted he is a caster specced Cleric. There are two problems with this:

1. Goblins are also inexplicably Medium Sized in the oots world, throwing at least some doubt on their usual racial modifiers.

2. Attribute Outliers are known to exist, take Roy for example: he is described numerous times as having above average scores in basically every area, even the mental stats which as a fighter aren't very useful for him.

Given those two points (more the second since the first is completely unverifiable) its possible that Redcloak actually has a very above average strength...but so prefers channeling the divine powers of his god and artifact that he has no desire or even need to put that high strength to use. If we take that into account, Redclaoks natural strength could be as high as 16 (18 roll with -2 race), and Bull's Strength (prepared for the Heist) would take that to 20.

With a 20 Strength he could lift off ground 800 pounds, and that would much more nicely explain the scene.
I've asked this three times now: why would a goblin with strength 16 not carry a melee weapon and instead rely exclusively on magic for combat? Especially since he is involved in a mission that will require all his resources to accomplish? Why would he ignore such a massive resource that can save him spells if he is indeed that strong?

Answer: because he isn't that strong. When your mission in life involves wrestling the gods, you can't just ignore a roll of 18 in a stat just because you'd rather be a full caster. You may not specialise, but given how many times RC has run low on spells and could have used a nice mace to keep going, it is telling that he doesn't even bother carrying one. It says, louder than any other speculation, that he is not strong enough for the mace to make any difference in combat.

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